looking for kathleen . . .

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someone named kathleen C., using an email address from ababsurdo.com, made a pattern purchase friday evening, but has a full mailbox (according to the four returned emails!). kathleen, could you please contact me via the patterns mailbox and send an alternate email address?

it just keeps comin’

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ha! and you thought i was done boring you with filler my garden! even though you can surely see right through my diversion techniques, and will politely point out that there are no knitting pictures today, still, i feel it important for us all to savor these last (or nearly so) fruits of summer. especially on such a fine fall day as this.

technically, i don’t strive to put something de-lish up for eye-candy friday, but, as it happens to be friday and i had eye candy, here you are. actually, the red tomatoes i picked today don’t look that good—these are from a few days ago and have been ripening indoors. but those yellow ones—i got all those today and there are more out there that will be ready soon if the weather holds out!

this whole lot is what i have to somehow prepare, after work, for storing away. and then try to find room for it all in the freezer after that! i don’t mind though—it will be all-too-soon before i’ll be craving a fresh tomato to pop in my mouth for a snack.

meanwhile, i am hard at work on the casino shawl pattern and testing the instructions. i wouldn’t wish this on anyone—it’s a lot to keep straight.

i enjoy putting my brain through the paces—i just wish i didn’t have to share my headspace with other tasks that compete with it. still, i am making headway and we should have it ready soon, which makes me really happy!

i will update you on the man lace soon—i switched needles and am quite satisfied with that solution—it did a lot to make it a “happy project” for the time being. i realize too that the tweed is a little busy for the pattern right now, but i think once it grows some, that element will become less intrusive. i am keeping in mind that i might do a dye wash or stain to take the white down a bit. i think the white is cotton, which means if i use a dye for cotton on it, i might be able to change JUST the color of the white specks and little else. anyone have input on that? any suggestions for a good, easy-to-use cotton dye, in case i decide to go that route?

tomorrow is david’s birthday and i’ll be cooking most of the day, but i’m gonna try to sneak in a post, if only to taunt you with show you the cake.

i do other knitting too . . .

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i guess everybody likes that shawl, eh?
(yes, debbie, we know you do).
since so many people asked, and since i am terrible about giving detail information with finished pieces (note to self: start doing that, eh), i appreciate being reminded. here is the ifo:
casino shawl
pattern: my own (soon to be made available) pattern will be in two sizes
yarn: Fearless Fibers cashmere laceweight, approximately 1100 yards (3 hanks)
color: endless night

and, i have other stuff too . . . i meant to post some pictures last night of the other projects i’m working on this week, but i got home too late. it is SO fall! the knit shop is starting to buzz, and more people are showing up for knit night and classes. that busy, knit-season-is-in-full-swing feeling is descending over the place. i love that.

i have been motoring away on the man lace project, though i am a little disappointed in the number of inches it has grown. this pattern puckers up a lot and it seems as if i knit and knit, but make no progress. i’m also a little worried that the holes are not so obvious.

i might just change needle sizes . . . i’m contemplating it. since i started at the back neck, i think i can just do that without ripping back, since that spot willl bear more stress when worn. i just want the fabric to feel a little more open and a little softer and drapier to the hand (tht’s the downside of working with cashmere—everything else feels like burlap).

but hey, the camera work is coming along. i still have not delved this camera’s depths by any stretch of the imagination, but just look at the details in these shots

yesterday i took some pictures of this same piece in the garden (when it was only an inch long), and when i opened the pix in photoshop, i could see the hairs on the tiny thyme leaves i had it laid out on. now, that blew me away. and to think that in a year, this camera will be left in the dust—totally obsolete.

so, anyway, wanna see a sock grow right before your eyes?

that was the waterfallSock as it looked yesterday morning; this shot is a lot more representative of the actual yarn colors. i’m using briar rose grandma’s blessing on size three needles for the cuff. i might go to a slightly smaller needle for the foot.
and this below, is it today, in the dismal light of a day of drenching rain, changing to drizzle and back again all day.

i have not worked on the starlight evening wrap in a few days, but on monday i motored along for most of the afternoon between classes and it’s starting now to look like it has appreciable length.

i know this picture stinks—sorry; it’s the best one i have. the light in the back yard yesterday was a little too bright and the camera overexposed all the shots. that is, I did not know how to get the camera to take better pictures. i know once i figure out this exposure thing, i will feel even sillier that i did not figure it out earlier. it’s probably something really dumb that i am overlooking. like when i was totally overlooking the presence of the macro lens on the old camera. yeah. i’m a genius that way . . .

the closeup shot of the fabric is better

actually, now that i think about it, i HAVE been working on this! monday night i came home and took the swatch out again, and played with some finishing edges for the ends of the wrap. i want a deep (about 8 to 10 inches), knock-em-dead band of edging—something so fabulously stunning that everyone will say “yes! that is the essence of evening wear”. (right. i wish. i mean, do you get it now, how i live in a castle in the sky?? oy.)

i am experimenting with a combination of motifs that could turn out to be positively celestial—at least, that’s what ‘m hoping. i’m playing with the notion of something flouncy almost—not sure about that interpretation though . . .

i love you more today than yesterday . . .

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this post is only about one thing: unadulterated, slutty lust for handknit cashmere lace. i want to sleep with this thing. as in, every night. as in, NOT sleeping, but playing.

course, that could compromise my marriage vows—you know, the ones that say i’ll be true . . . hmm, does cheating with an inanimate object count?? i can’t promise that it was only for the thrill . . .

but, maybe, after taking all these smoky, sexy pictures, david will understand that my affections must be shared . . .

(yeah, and i saw him getting into the mood with it, too, don’t think i missed that . . . it’s a piece that inspires touching. let’s just say, he couldn’t keep his hands off it—kept muttering about styling the folds—ha! h’s a “stylist” now. hee-hee!).

i gotta run to class. more later—i got more! i got my knit freak on this week.