looking for kathleen . . .

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someone named kathleen C., using an email address from ababsurdo.com, made a pattern purchase friday evening, but has a full mailbox (according to the four returned emails!). kathleen, could you please contact me via the patterns mailbox and send an alternate email address? thanks!

it just keeps comin’

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ha! and you thought i was done boring you with filler my garden! even though you can surely see right through my diversion techniques, and will politely point out that there are no knitting pictures today, still, i feel it important for us all to savor these last (or nearly so) fruits of summer. especially […]

i do other knitting too . . .

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i guess everybody likes that shawl, eh? (yes, debbie, we know you do). since so many people asked, and since i am terrible about giving detail information with finished pieces (note to self: start doing that, eh), i appreciate being reminded. here is the ifo: casino shawl pattern: my own (soon to be made available) […]

i love you more today than yesterday . . .

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this post is only about one thing: unadulterated, slutty lust for handknit cashmere lace. i want to sleep with this thing. as in, every night. as in, NOT sleeping, but playing. course, that could compromise my marriage vows—you know, the ones that say i’ll be true . . . hmm, does cheating with an inanimate […]