i had a whole bunch of stuff to show . . .

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hmm. i’m a little cranky towards my new camera right now. not completely, but a little. i really didn’t have time to shilly-shally around today, y’know? i just looked at the results of my picture-taking this morning and discovered it is mostly dreck. i got in some blocking shots while the coffee cooked, in that […]

more good weekend

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. . . than you can shake a stick at. first of all, yesterday was a GLORIOUS fall day out there. temperature is in the mid-60s, quite windy, the sky a brilliant blue (for a change), and the leaves appear to be changing color by the minute. we had a great bike ride last evening, […]

i’m supposed to be working . . .

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at least, i think i’m supposed to be working. well, and if i don’t want to be under the gun all week like i was last week, i should be working. but man, i just don’t feel like it! i received a stack of revisions friday at 7 pm that went something like: “edits to […]

all night casino

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last night i practically RAN away from the computer at the end of my work day. my brain felt like it had a fist squeezing it, for sure. i just wanted to get my hands on my knittting and finish my spades shawl. i had gotten quite far along on it this week this is […]