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wow! thanks for all your comments on my sweater washing! what fun—i had no idea it would instigate such a discussion. i must admit, i may have been initially offering it up as an excuse for why i never get enough knitting done . . . as in, i got nuthin, see my pretty sweaters […]

i need to be two knitters (and a spinner)

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i think you’ve probaby gotten the idea by now that i love to knit lace. yes, i could just make one lace shawl after another, with a lace scarf thrown in here and there for effect (oops—that IS what i do . . .). to read this blog over the last, oh, 7 months or […]

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thank you for all your condolences on the first version of manLace. really, it wasn’t SO tragic—i started again right away and am already very happy with what is coming off the needles. here is a shot of it stalking the wilds of the front flower bed i think we’re on the right track now. […]

a moment of silence, please

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here lies the body of the man lace as we have grown to know and love him last night, i’m afraid, after a fierce battle, worthy only of a knitter in complete denial, he succumbed to the fatal effects of WTF-was-she-thinking?? a quiet ripping out ceremony for family only followed at the frog pond, where […]