ok, you talked me into it

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i’m succumbing to peer pressure (and quite gladly, i might add). i had a lot of emails after yesterday’s post telling me that it was ok to take a break, so i figured—it’s ok. i’ll do what you tell me (evil grin). i took a break from clogs to knit on the lace mitts i […]

clogging towards bethlehem

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phew, i have been gone too long—i know it. but i have been doing some MAD knitting. i feel as if i’ve been eating too much chocolate. i feel like i’m waking up after a drinking binge. i have a knitting hangover. BUT, i have a lot of knitting done, too. many clogs have been […]

done and done, but more to do

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all the christmas socks are done and, moving on, a few new things have been started. i think my niece will love these mitts. i don’t really relish working with novelties, but these mitts get a little edging in marrakech, because she likes embellishment, and i want to make something she’ll enjoy. i’ll probably make […]

i’m making a mess!

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i bet you’re really surprised, huh? (ok, don’t tell me if you are; just let me go on thinking that only some of you might be . . .) thank you everyone for all the sweet compliments on the rococo socks. wow, you really DO like your special sock patterns! and i enjoyed knitting these […]