it’s about receiving, too, and that’s ok

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happy boxing day to those who celebrate it and many thanks for all the warm and heartfelt emails that were sent to me this week . . . it gives me a great feeling that so many people enjoy this blog—thank you for letting me know. i rarely realize the effect of what i am […]

sweater yarns

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david’s new red christmas fatigue sweater, knit in old red sweater we have been laughing about this month, for which this new sweater is something of a replacement (i knew i was kidding myself about getting him to discard that old rag when he said the other night that it is his—ready for this??—after hours […]

let it glow

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i just got around to photographing our favorite seasonal light display . . . i wouldn’t let you down! next to them we are completely boring we console ourselves by telling each other that we’re letting them have the limelight, plus, we’re saving energy. we are content to have our house be a reflector of […]


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it’s growing. i’ve got the body knit to the underarms and next i will join those sleeves on and start the yoke. i haven’t talked very much about the sweater’s design, but basically, i am using EZ books. i have access to many this knitty article on the subject. now though, as i work my […]