christmas knitting done

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last evening i laid my christmas knitting needles down for the last time this year (woo-hoo, now i can start something for me). today i put the final touches on things (such as steaming seams and sewing buttons). and pulled out yarn for a quick project to knit myself over the next three or four […]

a strange and glorious spectacle

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this morning i opened my eyes to the feeling of a foreign presence in my room, which at first, was troubling in its unfamiliarity. why were my eyes so uncomfortably squinched up? there was a sort of visual cacophony going on, but without the sound—what the heck? oh. i mean, oh my. i tried to […]

woodsmoke sock

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with a texture that curls like deeply-carved wood down the heel and over the top of the foot, these cozy socks are lots of fun to knit. and deceptively easy—no cable needle necessary to create those amazing winding whorls. shown here in fearless fibers here, including miracle and composure. to purchase pattern or view complete […]

wool rich

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the weather outside is frightful. where everyone just a little north, west, and east of us is getting nice fluffy snow, we’ve had a couple of days of pouring rain and ice, even when it’s several degrees below freezing. weird. hopefully the temperatures will drop and it’ll turn to snow, if for no other reason […]