christmas knitting done

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last evening i laid my christmas knitting needles down for the last time this year (woo-hoo, now i can start something for me).
today i put the final touches on things (such as steaming seams and sewing buttons).
and pulled out yarn for a quick project to knit myself over the next three or four daysโ€”i’m keeping a promise i made to reserve some holiday time for knitting anything i want. i picked my project months ago and was looking for a time slot to put it in, so i think this is it.

i’m also going to treat myself cleaning up my work room for a few hours each dayโ€”it has evolved into a pigsty over the last six months while i’ve been so busy. full disclosure: it really needs it.

i used to be able to walk around in there (as opposed to using a narrow path through the mess). i used to have my spinning wheel in the middle of the room, and spend hours at spinning and decompressing while listening to a book. seriously, it will be a treat to have this real estate back, and to go through the yarn and books to get things organized. i love this stuff; it’s just too bad i put it off so long.

for today though, we relaxed and spent time with my nephew and his girlfriend diana who arrived last evening and stayed overnight on their way to indiana. in fact, we relaxed so much that i totally forgot to take pictures of the cute couple together. we ate tacos and apple pie for dinner last night and watched movies afterward. it was wonderful. and she likes her new scarf.

this morning we did photo shoots of david’s completed jacket, in the gorgeous robusta yarn from briar rose fibers. i was able to cannibalize a couple of my swatches to finish the collar, but we didn’t get pockets out of the yarn i had available. if chris isn’t totally sick and tired of this project, we’ll work out the yarn for that when the holiday fuss is over.

so, without further ado, i present my husband in his new threads.
i must, once again, express my deepest thanks to my dear friend chris, who offered the beautiful robusta yarn in the perfect pine green colorway for this project. her yarn is completely inspirational to design with, and when i knit it, every stitch just seems to fall into place perfectly.
thank you chris!

(isn’t he handsome??)

i was getting very worried about the jacket being too big as i got closer to finishing it. the size of his socks and sweaters is always a little scary for me. but when i bound off in class last evening, david graciously came out of the office to try it on for everyone in a moment of truth

and pronounced it “good”.
(i swear, that’s all he said)

that’s enough for me, though.
of course, when he asked today if it will be possible to do something about getting pockets, all i said was “yes” (two can play at that game).

it really does look good on him, phew.

here are a few detail shots

i decided on a flat collar joined directly to the neckline to create a notch, rather than try to add a collar stand (which might have been more jacket-like). when it’s buttoned, it looks like a casual shirt neck

when unbuttoned, the fabric is sturdy enough to stand on its own and it’s a lot less fussy. when it’s opened, it makes a self lapel that looks sharp.

i planned the pattern so that there would be a rib along the armhole edge to define that seam

giving it a crisp finish

i worked a slip stitch along all the exposed edges, such as the center front opening

and the little slits at the bottom of the side seams

so that’s itโ€”a heavy warm sweater at david’s request. soon to have pockets, i hope.

of course we couldn’t just call it a day at that point; we had to have a guest model (and one who is much more prone to silly model antics). here he is doing his abercrombie & fitch impersonation

never one to skimp on hamming it up

he provided a little levity to contrast with david’s natural reticence.

and a few sexy pouts and scowls (he thinks).

and finally, the shot to send home to mom and dad

and now, off to knit for fun i go.
tomorrow i’ll share some beautiful gifts i received and some sock progress.

93 thoughts on “christmas knitting done

  1. Anne, the jacket is fabulous! Perfect fit, great details, lovely fabric for a jacket. And the color – wow! Careful with the guest modeling – your other model may want one of his own!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I had that same feeling of “now it’s time for ME” yesterday when I finally finished my Christmas knitting. In retrospect, it wasn’t a great plan to leave socks knit on size 0 needles for size 12 feet for the last thing, but that’s just the way life moves, you know?

    The sweater is beautiful! Enjoy the holiday!

  3. That is absolutely fantastic.

    What is it about guys and pockets? My DH won’t even accept a sweater without them, even though I tell him that jamming stuff in the pockets will distort the shape of the sweater.

    Enjoy the holidays.

  4. The jacket looks amazing! So handsome on both of those models ๐Ÿ™‚

    What a lucky husband you have. Happy holidays to the both of you!

  5. Gorgeous! The Sweater, the models! Awesome. I love your sweater patterns. I wish you would start publishing those patterns.

  6. Wow! Great “man” sweater. The yarn and pattern stitch give it an illusion of subtle plaid, too. Looks like a sweater that will get lots of wear–perfect for “everyday”.

  7. OH my GOD. It’s gorgeous! And of course it looks great on him, a perfect fit! And the Abercrombie shot is hysterical. Love that.

  8. I wish you and your family a most wonderful and heart-warming, Christmas, Anne! Thank you again for your inspiration and good cheer ALL YEAR LONG! May the blessings of good health and much happiness be yours in the New Year!

  9. Gorgeous! Everything…the sweater, the husband, the yarn. All of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have to say, I started reading your blog when I stumbled across a post with David in it. I LOVE his hair. I just want to touch it…I wish I had some! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. the sweater looks fabulous– and finished just in time! i love the shoulders, that rib works really well. and, like everyone else, i love that braid of david’s!

  11. That sweater is fantastic, you did a beautiful job. (And it doesn’t hurt that you had such good-looking models.)

  12. Just beautiful…and the guys are, too! *wink*

    You and me both, on getting the workroom in order. That and the knitting room (which is MY fun room) – it’s way beyond time that room was finished…

    A gift to ourselves, no?
    Merry Christmas dear!

  13. Now that you mention it, he is rather handsome! ๐Ÿ™‚

    A job very well done, the sweater looks lovely. Take some time to knit for yourself, you’ve earned it!

  14. It’s a wonderful sweater! Your attention to detail is admirable. The sweater looks awesome on David.

    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

  15. The yarn, the buttons, and the jacket design worked perfectly together, and what a wonderful color and fit for David! And I agree with the others who commented on the length of his hair – the braid is beautiful, and as a person whose curly hair begins to break and turn weirdly blond at half that length, I’m totally, totally envious. Your nephew does a great send-up of those Abercrombie models too … hilarious!

  16. Oh . . . I just loooove the jacket! It looks really good on David. Since hubby is a heat furnace and loves the cold (he’s been known to walk around in short sleeves in 50 degree weather), I live vicariously through others who knit stuff for their menfolk.

  17. Tried my brother-in-lawยดs new Y-phoneยดs web abilities (thought to be totally unnecessary) yesterday.
    Showed him your blog (know better now).
    One comment from him: “I want to have such a sweater. How long is it going to take?”

    Now I am waiting for you to write the pattern.
    Maybe I start aquiring wool right now…. How many skeins did you finally need?

  18. Your guest model made me laugh out loud this Christmas morning. I love your blog, I love your sweater, and tell your guest model, I loved his poses!

  19. It is specatular! Merry Christmas to you and your handsome husband ๐Ÿ™‚ and happiest of new years…
    Knitterly question… What is the benefit of slipping the 1st stitch?

  20. The sweater jacket looks fabulous! (I love it that I was there when you were discussing getting it dyed with Chris, when the jacket was literally just a glimmer of an proto-idea of David’s Christmas sweater in your head!)

    And the models are of course handsome as all-get-out — though one is better at voguing than the other….

    I just found out I’ll be seeing you in April at the Spring Fling. Should be a wonderful time!
    Merry Christmas! Cathy

  21. David looks wonderful (no surprise), and the sweater does indeed fit him perfectly! I’m very entertained by the laconic response — that sounds familiar ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice job with the timing of the finishing!

  22. I can’t show that to my DH-he’d want one! Your DH looks very handsome in it-what a great green color for him!

  23. Wow, What a jacket, but David would look good if you made him wear a potato bag, as my grandmother used to put it. Have a good holiday!

  24. What a beautiful sweater – I’m amazed at how quickly you managed to knit it up (and design it too!). David looks great in it.

  25. GORGEOUS jacket! I kind of like David’s modeling style, although your guest model had some fun shots in there too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The colour is also perfect on David.

  26. Anne, Im embarassed to even comment since its been so long but i just wanted to let you know how fantastic and inspirational this is! it turned out AMAZING and hes rather handsome in it too…

    thanks for sharing all your work!

  27. That’s a gorgeous sweater on gorgeous models, Anne. I must make sure my hubby doesn’t see this or he’ll want one for Christmas next year. And no way could I create something that gorgeous just starting with yarn, no matter how beautiful the yarn.

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