just what the decorator ordered . . .

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while admittedly stylish, this just might be pushing my personal tolerance for construction materials that creep “out of bounds” (and believe me, that limit is high. just ask our friends—they’ve seen it all). as far as i know, our living room does not need extra seating. and if so inclined, there is an actual WC […]

i need to save my neck

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the end of the gardening season is only somewhat signified by dying back; there is still so much color out there to take in. i’m not planting anything new right now (though i could; if we weren’t drowning in greens i’d plant more if only to see them sprout. and garlic—i really should plant some […]

you know you’re on my street when . . .

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that’s what i saw when i looked blearily across the street upon getting out of bed yesterday morning—my neighbor’s yard was positively brimming with buzzards. hmm, must investigate. turns out that in the night some friends of his decided to play a prank by planting dozens of these birds in his lawn along with this […]

autumn arbor stole

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the answer to dressing for changeable autumn days—a featherlight wrap with extravagantly scaled leaf motifs undulating along its length to wear as a cloak, shoulder wrap, or scarf (yes, it’s that lightweight). softly draped it will trap warmth on a chilly morning and at noon, when the sun is high, let the breeze wash your […]