just what the decorator ordered . . .

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while admittedly stylish, this just might be pushing my personal tolerance for construction materials that creep “out of bounds” (and believe me, that limit is high. just ask our friends—they’ve seen it all).

as far as i know, our living room does not need extra seating. and if so inclined, there is an actual WC just across the hall for anyone to use—without asking, even. david assures me it is going upstairs to claim its rightful place in the newly-refurbished third floor bathroom as soon as possible.

i’m thrilled to hear that, because my friend kim (sadly blogless!) is coming to visit in about two weeks and A) she’d probably appreciate having it up there near her room a lot more than having it down here, and B) so will i.

sigh, i know—all good things take time.

so, i made lemonade with the situation and sat appreciating its beauty as i worked on my knitting last night. it is a nice toilet . . . a lot nicer than the ones that came with the house, that’s for sure.

after classes yesterday i worked on my sweater for a couple of hours until i felt guilty enough to stop and do real work, then i worked on another revision of the neckwarmer.

this is the smaller size and though i haven’t gotten to the bottom hem yet, i’ve decided what finish i’m going to try next. hopefully i will like it a lot. i love this silky merino yarn . . . it feels like pure silk, but it behaves a lot better, mmm.

and you know what? i need to get another sock on the needles . . all i have going right now is david’s grandpa sock, and that’s fine for car knitting, but not really a project. maybe i’ll get to work on the one i need to do for deb’s sock club.

i’ve also been thinking about my next big lace project, which is going to be a shawl knit with fearless fibers laceweight merino in the majestic colorway

how beautiful is that? i’m telling you . . . just show me a gray and my knees get weak—and deb does gray really, really well (i see the purple too, but it’s the gray i zero in on).

some months ago i swatched for a stole with this yarn in a different colorway. but since then, one thing led to another and we ended up switching to this color and now i’m thinking that my swatches, which were all sort-of frost-related, might not be right.

also, i’ve got that whole pile of new stitch pattern books and my mind has started wandering.

also, we’ve done a couple of stoles in a row and i have another to do in november—maybe it’s time for a triangle shawl? hahaha. never leave me to my own devices for any length of time . . . i will change everything before you get back.

anyway, i’m thinking i’ll do a drive-by on my stitch dictionaries over the next day or so, just to see if a different composition seizes my mind. meanwhile, you can vote if you like for rectangle stole or triangle shawl (just those two, please).

just place your votes in the ballot box.

44 thoughts on “just what the decorator ordered . . .

  1. Triangle is my vote.
    Just curious… how’s your holiday knitting coming along since it won’t be all that long till wrapping and sending time. And then there’s your gorgeous sweater for yourself, so needed quickly now.

  2. I feel your pain. For a few weeks this summer, I had two pieces of toilet, in separate boxes, taking up (too much) space in my living room, waiting for tile to be set and painting to be done. Now they’re where they belong, and functioning quite acceptably.

  3. I hate when my house looks like that!! It can’t be good!
    I vote for a heavier weight shawl. That would be fun!

  4. Don’t you have a tablecloth or something to throw over it? I “hid” 6 boxes of computers and 6 boxes of monitors in my office that way for several weeks until the techies could install them. Far prettier to look at than brown cardboard.

    And do you have a suggestion amoungst your patterns for 310 yards of 11 wpi handspun BFL in a rose colorway? It’s far too soft and pretty to have to linger in my stash. And you have such wonderful designs. Thanks,

  5. So I should be glad that the toilet is not in my living room but in the hallway next to the guestroom instead?! lol!

    The ballot box… that is particularly funny given the current politics… 😉

  6. A vote for the rectangle here. That yarn is amazing, by the way. I’m finding myself drawn to those colors lately. Fingers crossed for a swift and uneventful removal of the toilet to its rightful home!

  7. you could put it out on the lawn and decorate it for fall!
    The neckwarmer is gorgeous. Love the color.

  8. I also vote for the rectangle shawl. We should
    all be grateful that we have toilets and can afford toilets. Has anybody ever had to use
    an “out house”? It will find it’s place in due

  9. Grey may be the color that calls to you, but I sure see a lot of shades of purple on this blog! A color I like, by the way…

  10. Ooee. I think that is one pretty loo. I’d be wanting to fawn over it meself if it were mine. Surely though you and it shall become better acquainted over time.

    Well since you asked, my personal preference is for the rectangular compositions. That’s just me. I see somebody suggested another half circle gem and that sounds kind of enticing too. Even as a spectator. Nothing like those blocking pics of yours btw. They send me into a tizzy every time, whatever you’re doing.

  11. I think the idea of a heavier weight triangular shawl/wrap would be the perfect thing for the soon to be cold weather. But, honestly, you could write a pattern for a toilet paper roll cover,you know, to go with your new toilet, and I’d be happy – your patterns are ALL great.

  12. Rectangle please. Gotta luv that toilet! Glad that you are making more progress on the bathroom remodel. Its always so pleasant when the bathroom is just the way you want it! This being said as I am sharing with a teenage relative who has not been as tidy as I would like this week. But theres always hope for next week.

  13. I vote for a HUGE heavier weight Triangular shawl (the kind in which you can dramatically wrap yourself). Ahhh, yes!

  14. Anne – we had a new ‘throne’ installed three weeks ago, but it isn’t as nice as yours!!!! You are kind of freaking me out because I have the Briar Rose that you are working on and I just pulled it out. And THEN, you show up with the SAME Fearless Fiber color that I bought online a few weeks ago … huh??!! So, I was going to start Fiore di Melanzana with my purple/grey, but now I need to vote and wait to see what you, the consummate Yarn Icon creates .. I say rectangle, triangle ANYTHING you design is stellar.

  15. All I want to know is, how many yards? 😉 (I’m thinking I need some of that yarn — I am in love with the colorway. Off to order some now.)(You are a bad influence.)

    Maybe you could call the new seat Art Nouveau? Or something?

  16. Rectangle, please! Like I need more to queue up! Twinings on the needles now, then Autumn Arbor, then Gnarled Oakwoods, then . . .but of course that will likely change after you come up with the next one!

  17. Who ever designed that toilet must have cleaned one or two in their time. Not, unfortunately, like the person who designed mine. I mean my toilet is pretty and all with the porcelain mimicking the pipes going down, but yours is going to be sooo much easier to clean than mine, I can’t even come up with a suitable feeling to convey – I’m afraid it might be leaning towards envy. Boy that’s sad – I’m envious of your toilet

  18. hmm…. can I vote both ways? I say triangle – since the last one I finished up….was too small for me even though I added a repeat. Can I vote for something sized for 5’9 women – with lots of drape *grin*? something ridiculously gorgeous – ;p with no knitted on borders? Ok,… I’ll go take my requests to ravlery for now…but I do have 1300 yards of lace weight coming my way this fall.

    Enjoy the change in seasons! Have you seen all the leaves turning! (And here we are having 80 degree weather in the PNW)

  19. Triangle. I was hoping to see the leafy/undulating pattern used in Autumn Arbor stole to grow into a beautiful shawl!

  20. A toilet as a ballot box. How timely.

    I’m psyched that you are doing one of the patterns for Deb’s club. I can hardly wait.

  21. So, I learned after moving to the lovely province of Quebec, that here they call a neckwarmer a
    Cache-cou. I think that’s charming in french, although the approximate english (neck hider?) is nowhere near as cute to my ear.
    Just where your blog took my brain today. 🙂
    LOVE that fearless fibers colour, can’t wait to see what comes of it.

  22. toilet in the living room? that’s nothing. there was a period of time this summer when one bathroom didn’t have a functional toilet and the other didn’t have a functional shower. it took two bathrooms just to get ready in the morning! of course, that doesn’t count the weeks without a bathroom door…(and these weren’t even diy projects!)

    hmm…a vote…although i often seem to prefer your rectangular stoles (moth notwithstanding…hmm…maybe i need to knit another…), it’s been a while (to best of my memory) since you made a triangle, so that’d be fun to see. vote for triangle!

  23. Oh believe me, you have my sympathies. There has been a total bathroom renovation going on in my house for a couple months now and if I’m not careful, “objects” find their way into my studio to be “stored” for “brief” periods of time.

    Grout does not go well with my fabric and yarn. 😉

  24. Triangle please! I agree with Rebecca–they’re easier to wear. And more interesting to knit because they have ongoing shaping.

  25. Oh Annie!!!!! You are sooooooooo THOUGHTful!!!! Yes, that potty looks like it will fit my bunz very nicely. Thank you dearie!!! I cannot WAIT to come!!!!

    Oh – and I vote triangle, of course. . . . .

  26. Snerk! Ballot box. hee hee hee Ok, apparently I am so easily amused it’s rather embarrassing.

    I expect that I’m gonna love it whether it is a triangle or a rectangle or whatever it might be, so I shan’t bother to cast an actual vote.

    I love that yarn too. Actual drool – I’m telling you.

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