autumn arbor stole

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the answer to dressing for changeable autumn days—a featherlight wrap with extravagantly scaled leaf motifs undulating along its length to wear as a cloak, shoulder wrap, or scarf (yes, it’s that lightweight). softly draped it will trap warmth on a chilly morning and at noon, when the sun is high, let the breeze wash your arms as the ends fly behind.

shown above: a hybrid size (tall width/petite length) in the woolen rabbit whisper merino lace, colorway chocolate chambord (just one of kim’s wide range of yummy colors).

shown below, petite size stole, also in the woolen rabbit whisper merino lace, colorway mystic mountain pine. seahorse brooch by perl grey.

kits for each stole size may be pre-ordered by visiting this link at the woolen rabbit online shop.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

much thanks to kim who listened to my idea when it was just a bunch of babbling and a six-inch swatch, then jumped right in with the perfect yarn. i love it when someone gets me.
vanessa knit that green stole so fast it made my head spin, and then asked what will be next—don’t you just love her??
jocelyn is right there with her shoring up the effort with her constant helpful input and cheerful emails. i dunno how she does it with kids and a home and dogs and stuff, but she’s amazing.
as always, we owe a large hand of applause to rachel for her proofreading diligence.

alright, i know what you want—more pictures, right?

67 thoughts on “autumn arbor stole

  1. Anne, these are so beautiful. But my first thought was, have you ever had more fun for a photo shoot? Work it, girl!

  2. When you do something, you do not half do it. And I love that about you. Just so gorgeous. And the stoles ain’t half bad, either. 😀

  3. Really beautiful pictures Anne!!! Of course My favorite is the one with your big smile, and the coy one behind the lattice! hahaha Very beautiful wrap!!!

  4. STOP!! (just kidding) how will I ever get all your shawls/stole done? This one is … beautiful/gorgeous/I want to start it right now.
    Anyway, it’s beautiful. Thanks again for all your great patterns.

  5. Simply gorgeous! You knitters never cease to amaze me. I just sit here shaking my head, thinking, She made that! Knitting is like bread making – magic. Only much more time consuming magic. : )

  6. There’s that gorgeous stitch pattern that you’ve been arguing with, teased into a fabulous shawl. You’ve done it again, gf. 🙂

  7. I know I’m ridiculously late to this post, but I have to say that I saw Autumn Arbor in person over the weekend at the Fryeburg Fair, ME, and it was jaw dropping. I love the Woolen Rabbit booth too! An excellent match of pattern and color.

  8. I haven’t been commenting because I’m a bit behind on my blog-reading, but I just had to de-lurk for this one. Stunning job! This just might be this year’s Cluaranach (which I love to bits and makes me feel incredibly glamorous every time I wear it). Bravo!

  9. I’m finally coming out from under the pile of work to find I’m SO far behind in the knitting world! This stole is beautiful, I love the way the stitch pattern undulates!

    The sweater is looking really nice too, the color is gorgeous!

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