you know you’re on my street when . . .

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that’s what i saw when i looked blearily across the street upon getting out of bed yesterday morning—my neighbor’s yard was positively brimming with buzzards. hmm, must investigate.

turns out that in the night some friends of his decided to play a prank by planting dozens of these birds in his lawn along with this sign

i guess that 50th birthdays deserve this sort of attention, but, um, maybe i’ll keep mine to myself (it’s a couple of years off yet, but you never know. bret really likes outdoor decorating.).

thank you for all your nice comments about autumn arbor . . . i always appreciate the kind notes that you leave, letting me know that you like a new design.

i’ve spent the last few days cooking stuff from the garden and working on various patterns for WIPs hanging about the place. so not as much knitting as i’d like, but lots accomplished.
and i worked a lot on my sweater . . .

then ripped it out again. i KNOW. when will i ever stop doing that?
i cast right back on; i just wanted to make a change, but it was a change that would affect everything down to the hem edge. that’s the downside of sweaters all in one piece; you lose everything every time you rip back.

now it’s back on the needles and i’m feeling good about this attempt. that’s a pretty good photo, by the way, of the colorway; it’s actually a nearly-black blend of various rich colors which aren’t quite that bright, but this is the best photo i have to date.

i wrote the pattern for my little lace sock and sent it off to hattie to test; she’s moving this weekend back to the east coast and my home town area, so i’ll actually get to see her once in a while now on my visits. i told her that there are lots of wonderfully welcoming knitters in the albany area, so look out for her, ok?

anyway, i have the leg of sock #2 done now and will knit through the heel tonight to see if i wrote that part correctly.

if all goes well and hattie’s does the same, we should be able to release this pattern some time next week.

can you tell from that picture that fall is in the air today, big-time? it’s dark-ish and cloudy but it doesn’t feel like rain—just fast-moving autumn skies leaves are falling and it’s turned quite cool. it’s great knitting weather. great sweater weather (i have one on now).

this morning when i got up, the buzzards were all gone from my neighbors yard, but a real harbinger of fall on harvard avenue has taken its place

after all, it is a mere five weeks til halloween. time’s a-wastin’.

27 thoughts on “you know you’re on my street when . . .

  1. The sight of all those buzzards might well have sent me howling to hide under the bed!

    Fall’s coming on here as well. Pumpkins and apples at the farmstands, leaves starting to turn, a monumental urge to cook huge kettles of soup.

    Good times.

  2. Oh hahahaha! That’s hilarious about the buzzards.

    Oh, and honey, my neighbor was out putting up CHRISTMAS lights yesterday! He just wants to get ahead of the bad weather… I thought he was flipping crazy, but he’s probably a genius… or…. something.

  3. I live in the Albany area, which town is Hattie moving to? There are a lot of good yarn shops up here (with nice knitters in them)!

  4. I love the buzzards! That’s something that I would do. Please tell your neighbor that their landscaping is very nice, even with the dirty ol’ birds!
    There is one house in our sub already covered in ‘cobwebs’ and all things spooky. I love Halloween, but I’m not ready to think about it yet.

  5. Hey I didn’t say you could post pictures of me!!..oh..that’s a decoration. Heh..oops, looked like me in the morning, pre-caffeinated (Instant human..just add coffee :D)

    I use to live across the street from a guy like that, except it wasn’t cute lawn ornaments but dogs.. but still, he was a nice guy and loved doing yard work.

  6. How much fun to have a neighborhood like that! LOL! And about that sock on the needles there, I am awaiting with bated breath for that one to be released because on the leg, as I recall, it is STUNNING.

  7. I have to have a very strict rule with myself these days. Namely general fall decorations are allowed anytime on or after the Autumnal Equinox but actual Halloween themed decor has to wait until after it is at least October. So yesterday, while my hand hovered over the Boo Chips (ghost shaped potato chips) at the store, they did not actually pick a bag up. It was a near run thing though. Good thing none of my neighbors are egging me on like that…

  8. OMG, your neighbor makes me laugh. And is that a frog in overalls in the background of that last photo? It must be like living in some kind of alternate universe… The socks look gorgeous, too — they’re definitely going into my queue. Maybe if I can spin something fine enough I’ll use that, they look like they’d look good in handspun. 🙂

  9. Of course you won’t stop ripping! That’s how you get a sweater that works. I’ve gotten really good at ripping back (again).

    Wait – October didn’t get here before I noticed? Good.

    Silly buzzards.

  10. Aww thanks Anne. I’ll be casting on those socks tonight, I found my needles, AND some yarn lol. Lucky me! Looks like I’ll have some good plane knitting. 🙂

  11. Hi Anne, will the sock pattern chart work the other way so I can knit toe-up? I really really like the look of these socks but I like to knit my socks toe-up when possible.

  12. What fun neighbors! Ours are all up tight with no sense of humor whatsoever. You always have the prettiest yarn for your patterns.

  13. Thank God no one thought of that for MY 50th birthday! What a hoot! Fun neighborhood! Love the Halloween guy, he looks very Italian!

  14. Anne- Don’t you love the cool air, and all the fun Halloween stuff-? And the candy, and little kids dressing up. I always watch Charlie Brown, it’s a ritual.

    DH will be 50 this year, although he acts like he’s about 5 years old sometimes.

  15. Tada! I love this blog and have given you an award! Arte y Pico’s award. Nope, you don’t have to pass this on. I just wanted to tell you.

  16. That toad in overalls is hilarious. What a fun neighbor.

    Those socks look lovely. I’m looking forward to the pattern release.

  17. Hi Anne!

    What yarn are you using for your sweater? It is absolutely gorgeous! BTW – I’ve started Punch and Judy today…using the color “Chili Pepper” from Knitting Notions. I’ll post a photo on my blog as soon as I get enough finished to take a photo!


  18. That’s just too funny! I love a spark of silliness. I love the Halloween motif too….LOL You’re having way to much fun up there!!! 🙂

  19. Although I don’t comment often on your blog, I do read it daily and I’ve nominated you for a blog award. Check out my Saturday post and thanks for your inspiration.

  20. When my mom turned the big four oh, my dad had forty pink flamingos from the local garden center stuck in the yard. They took forever to put up and several years to finally give away/ “forget” the last one.

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