what’s left behind

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in searching for a name to describe or define my new lace stole project, i got into a conversation with dictionary.com . . .) it was the perfect one. i keep saying this project is about frost, but what i really mean is that it is about the apocolypse of frost—that which transforms my yard […]

lettuce snow

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the lettuce just won’t give up. i keep picking it for salad, sure that at some point it’ll start to look like and empty bed, but no. as soon as i make room by removing some, the other plants fill in. i know lettuce stands up well to the cold (obviously), but i’m not sure […]

my inbox is stacked high

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work is piling up, but somehow, i don’t mind. heh. nice stack of yarn, right? i’m going through a little phase of startitis, but trying to pawn it off as an organized design process. between requests for matching articles to go with recently-released patterns and feeling the need to make some new things for gift-giving […]

winter with a twist

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the a couple of my pieces are included these were two of my big secret projects in july. initially i submitted the faroese shawl and later we decided that a stole option should be included—it was a rush to get that one done but we made it by the deadline, thanks to my superhero ocean […]