i love this hat

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is it wrong to tell everyone that i love something i made? i know it’s not necessarily socially acceptable except in the company of other knitters, but is it really wrong? because i do like this hat so much. maybe even as much as i like the matching mitts. please excuse the self-executed photos—i just […]

a little local color and too much food

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i hope everyone had a marvelous holiday, as we did here. i’m full, how about you? we’re eating a LOT more often here than we ever do at home; it’s always a bit of a jolt for us to be on someone else’s eating and sleeping schedule. we conduct ourselves like feral animals at home […]

that’s a lotta projects . . .

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oh, the heartbreak of startitis (and the glee . . .) this is purposeful startitis though; now i have plenty of small projects underway to bring on my trip this week. having them on the needles and a few rows in makes them so much easier to tote along. it will still take time to […]

seemed like a good idea, but . . . no

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i’ve continued to mess around with smaller knit objects over the last few days with mixed success. while i loved the spiraluscious mitt as i first planned it, i had this idea for a variation that also seemed worthy of a tryout. i thought that the flared cuff might not appeal to some and it […]