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what could be a better fix for the january chill than swathing oneself in something luxurious? well, you could argue that curling up to knit something luxurious rivals that . . . here’s a simple-to-knit triangle shawl to make up in any soft fingering yarn that strikes you as just right, in whatever size suits […]

the long home walk

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we are very lucky that our house was built on a double lot all those many years ago—it offers some really nice perks, such as a distance of more than 15 feet from our neighbors windows, an open area to have the garden each summer (which we now feel we couldn’t live without), and plenty […]

if you touch that, you’ll go blind

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(sunday, 10 am) just look at those yummy cocoons of cashmere-y goodness. they look innocent, but they’re not. not quite. (monday, 2 pm) i mean, what could look sweeter or cozier than a cashmere shawl sprawled across the living room floor? trust me, it’s a pose—it’s really there to suck me in, like the sucka […]

getting reorganized

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finally, this baby is done. i don’t know what took me so long (maybe the cables) because i actually worked on this fairly consistently. and i love the yarn—new hue handspuns custom knits by the extremely talented other published patterns leads me to believe that you can expect the same quality in the book’s patterns. […]