class action

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i finally got a chance to put a couple of repeats onto the fernfrost scarf last night—doesn’t the pattern look like puffs of jack frost’s chilly breath? that pattern takes a little attending to at first, but once you understand the structure of the motif, it starts going much more quickly.

and what do we love almost as much as a pretty stitch pattern?

a lovely and interesting wrong-side pattern—different, but equally pretty. it kinda looks like doves tucked into a nest together . .

really there isn’t a lot new since yesterday, but we had a couple of great finished sweaters show up to our afternoon class today

anne c scores another win with her new tangled yoke cardigan, knit up in felted tweed.

and debby completed a neck-down cardigan (#9725 from knitting pure and simple)

with her own arrangement of stripes. she’s told me the name of the yarn a hundred times and do you think i can remember it?? sigh. it’s a lovely, soft, lightweight wool that i know you’d like, too. someone from class will put it in the comments, i bet (please??)

since it’s monday i worked on my gray sweater all through classes

i’m working up the back yoke now and you can see a lot better what the cabling will look like. heh. the pattern gets a little crazy when i’m knitting it and trying to talk to people at the same time; i do a lot better on it when i’m alone. but i’m making headway—there’s a lot more sweater than there was a couple of weeks ago.

i might actually knit this again in a yarn that is available now so i can offer the pattern. i would totally wear another one of these in a completely different colorway. i have a few things in my stash that would work . . .

well, like i said, not much else is new. i’ve been teaching and working all day so i think i’ll go settle in for some knitting. there’s a scarf in the living room blowing frosty kisses my way . . .

sunshine on a cloudy day

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it’s been the craziest day for weather here, but the daffodils decided to open up anyway. i caught this photos during a brilliant few moments of sunshine, though you can see the raindrops clinging to them from an early morning shower.

sundays are still for spinning and the gang arrived right on time at ten. linda has given up knitting for lent, which is wearing on her a bit, but she’s filling the void by spinning more. this week she spun up four ounces of creatively dyed wool/seacell/milk protein fiber (i don’t know what colorway it is, but if we’re really really nice to linda, she might leave it in the comments . . .). in class she worked on plying it

this was a challenging project for linda but i think she ended up with some beautiful yarn. and she has another four-ounce batch to match it.

i worked on my ongoing briar rose BFL project—the same 3-ply i’ve been working on all winter. the good news is, i’m almost done spinning that batch and i should be able to ply it up soon. i have dreams of it being enough to knit something substantial, like a vest.
after that, i have some alpaca that my friend debby brought me as a gift from the martha’s vineyard fiber farm which is burning a hole in my stash—i think i’ll spin that next.

anne marie showed up in her newest sweater, arianne. she actually had this finished a couple of weeks ago but i didn’t take pictures.

she bought this yarn from catherine when we went to the pittsburgh knit & crochet festival last month. this is catherine’s classic merino worsted in the pear colorway (same color i used to knit the lacewing shawl). anne marie knit this one right up when she got home from the show and now she has the perfect spring sweater. i’m so jealous.

i’ve been a blog slacker this weekend, i know (besides, time seemed to evaporate last week, no??). i’m trying to get patterns written, but i’ve been knitting some, too.

i got started on a secret project which needs to remain a mystery for a couple of weeks. i know you hate it when i do this, but the reason i mention it is that the color combination seems to be in the air—jocelyn is spinning up some fiber in the same colorway and so is kim (oooh, and while you’re at kim’s blog looking at the fiber, check out her awesome maplewing—how much do we love that mama mia colorway??).

i made decision about what to do with my gray sweater and am working my way through the armhole/shoulder of the back—i used the same cable that i put along the side seam for the armhole trim.

and i’ve got the leg of bricker two knit—tonight i’ll add a heel and then i’ll be almost done.

the pattern is all set to go now, thanks to our friend carol who test knit it so fast. i’m a little worried about my yarn supply—it’s going to be very close. this is often the case with david’s socks so i’m trying not to be too concerned, but it’ll be a nail biter—another reason i’m trying to get them as done as possible in the next couple of evenings. i really hope i don’t run out.

yesterday i put in a few hours at the stove for a cooking marathon—a big pot of soup, a fish sauce for pasta, and a casserole to fill the fridge for the week ahead. i wanted to cook a pan of curry as well, but all work stopped dead when i whacked a good-sized wedge out of the business end of my index finger on a can i was opening (beans for the soup). it was a gusher too—blood all over the kitchen. there i was trying to put pressure on the wound while scooping the last of the chopped zucchini into the sauce when i realized that the curry could probably wait til tuesday. sigh.

it doesn’t bleed now as long as i keep a tight bandage on it. and that first-aid cream with pain killer in it? it is, well, killer. miraculously, i can still knit as long as i don’t wear a brand of bandage with that sticky kind of adhesive and plastic—sticky and wool just don’t mix.

but i do have daffodils.

boxleaf wrap

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another leafy wrap, this time in a rectangle shape—the better to bundle up against the occasional chilly spring day. david had his eye on this one for himself by the time our photoshoot was done.

shown above: petite size wrap in briar rose josephine, a deeply gorgeous coopworth/mohair blend, colorway, 104 (deep woodsy greens).

the unique copper and nickel pins that secure the wrap were created by romi; there are lots more in her shop—sh’d love for you to visit.

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

my very good friend chris, the artist/genius that is briar rose fibers generously provided the yarn for this project.
very many thanks to rachel who is traveling overseas but still making time to proofread and polish the patterns; thanks rachel!
and of course, to david, who stands in the rain taking endless photos so we can entertain ourselves. he deserves a cozy wrap.

sometimes sun comes not from the sky

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but from a source entirely as beautiful.
it’s been kinda dreary and rainy here—we can’t complain because the weather’s been brilliant for weeks it seems. but still, a little sun does make things cheerier.

and didn’t some arrive right on my doorstep yesterday in the form of some samples from cheryl, the inveterate handspinning dervish behind newhue handspuns. we’ve been working together through the winter as you know—cheryl is trying to get her beautiful yarns out there to knitters and has recently introduced a merino/bamboo sock yarn to her shop in addition to the merino/angora sport yarn and spinning fiber she started out with. during a recent email exchange, the subject of a sweater yarn came up (it was her idea, not mine, hahaha), and cheryl got right to work on some samples—she’s been spinning sock yarn for six years straight now, so this was no small deviation for her. in a few days she had samples in two weights that she forwarded to me

i’m swatching with them now and preliminarily . . . i’m in love. cheryl, all of your concerns about weight and recovery can be shooed right out the door; the yarn is lovely. in a couple of days i’ll show you the results—some stockinette and some textured patterns and we can look at the differences between the two yarns. it’s a fun project when i need a break from other things for a few minutes.

i have FOs, too!

these socks are done. we did run into a little, erm, pattern issue that required some rewriting last night, so i’m holding off on releasing it til gail signs off—she is a truly easy-going test knitter, that’s all i can say! and i know you want the pattern to be right, so we’ll take a few more days with them. but we did take pictures today and they are lookin’ awfully cute . . .

however, i have another FO that i can release—probably later tonight when i return from the appointment i have in 45 minutes, heh (it’s just that kinda day).

the boxleaf wrap is done, blocked, and also photographed, yay. i love the way it turned out

even if it was a little dark for taking blocking shots yesterday. here’s the join

slightly different than the one on the triangle shawl but equally pretty, i think.
and the fabric is glorious

i was a little worried about this fabric. the yarn—briar rose josephine—is a bit wiry and well, scratchy (ouch, i hate to even mention it because it’s so gorgeous, too!). but no worries—after a really good wash/soak and a rinse/soak in unicorn fibre rinse, the fabric is soft and supple with a deep, glowing color character.

as we finished the photo shoot today, david mentioned that he’d like to wear this one; i think it’ll lok great on him.

with the rimefrosts done, i was able to start my second bricker sock last night

i’m a sucker for redheads . . . just look at those coppery highlights, mmm.
i’ve also got my fernfrost scarf underway

i’m sooo happy to be working with fearless fibers cashmere lace yarn again, woo-hoo. deb tells me she has batches of it cooking up now to add to her shop in a few days—very soon, you too could own a piece of heaven . . .

well, i hate to rush away but i have to make an appointment—i’ll be back later with some wrap photos and a new pattern.