sometimes sun comes not from the sky

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but from a source entirely as beautiful.
it’s been kinda dreary and rainy here—we can’t complain because the weather’s been brilliant for weeks it seems. but still, a little sun does make things cheerier.

and didn’t some arrive right on my doorstep yesterday in the form of some samples from cheryl, the inveterate handspinning dervish behind newhue handspuns. we’ve been working together through the winter as you know—cheryl is trying to get her beautiful yarns out there to knitters and has recently introduced a merino/bamboo sock yarn to her shop in addition to the merino/angora sport yarn and spinning fiber she started out with. during a recent email exchange, the subject of a sweater yarn came up (it was her idea, not mine, hahaha), and cheryl got right to work on some samples—she’s been spinning sock yarn for six years straight now, so this was no small deviation for her. in a few days she had samples in two weights that she forwarded to me

i’m swatching with them now and preliminarily . . . i’m in love. cheryl, all of your concerns about weight and recovery can be shooed right out the door; the yarn is lovely. in a couple of days i’ll show you the results—some stockinette and some textured patterns and we can look at the differences between the two yarns. it’s a fun project when i need a break from other things for a few minutes.

i have FOs, too!

these socks are done. we did run into a little, erm, pattern issue that required some rewriting last night, so i’m holding off on releasing it til gail signs off—she is a truly easy-going test knitter, that’s all i can say! and i know you want the pattern to be right, so we’ll take a few more days with them. but we did take pictures today and they are lookin’ awfully cute . . .

however, i have another FO that i can release—probably later tonight when i return from the appointment i have in 45 minutes, heh (it’s just that kinda day).

the boxleaf wrap is done, blocked, and also photographed, yay. i love the way it turned out

even if it was a little dark for taking blocking shots yesterday. here’s the join

slightly different than the one on the triangle shawl but equally pretty, i think.
and the fabric is glorious

i was a little worried about this fabric. the yarn—briar rose josephine—is a bit wiry and well, scratchy (ouch, i hate to even mention it because it’s so gorgeous, too!). but no worries—after a really good wash/soak and a rinse/soak in unicorn fibre rinse, the fabric is soft and supple with a deep, glowing color character.

as we finished the photo shoot today, david mentioned that he’d like to wear this one; i think it’ll lok great on him.

with the rimefrosts done, i was able to start my second bricker sock last night

i’m a sucker for redheads . . . just look at those coppery highlights, mmm.
i’ve also got my fernfrost scarf underway

i’m sooo happy to be working with fearless fibers cashmere lace yarn again, woo-hoo. deb tells me she has batches of it cooking up now to add to her shop in a few days—very soon, you too could own a piece of heaven . . .

well, i hate to rush away but i have to make an appointment—i’ll be back later with some wrap photos and a new pattern.

16 thoughts on “sometimes sun comes not from the sky

  1. Anne, you are so busy, busy, busy as usual! Thanks for updating on all of the great projects on the needles and off. I’ve been coveting some Fearless Fiber cashmere lace, and I think you made my mind up for me. Looking so forward to the boxleaf…and modeled pictures on dear David!

  2. I can tell you’re in a hurry! Psst. . .title.

    I love the socks. The blue is gorgeous. Love the wrap, as well.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS here I go again!! Just lovely…I’m having a hard time keeping up with the posts. I’m still a few behind. The RED SWEATER is a must for me but here we go again…getting out my wallet…I think a few moths few out…heh heh

  4. That shawl is gorgeous. And the ray of sunshine, well what can I say, it’s the most beautiful colour. It’s something you could decorate your house with, skeins of it lying around, to give you a lift on the gray days. I’m just going to take another look at it now.

  5. Boxleaf turned out so well! I love the stitch pattern – particularly the leaves running up the sides. I remember you mentioning that you thought the yarn might be too variegated for this project, but I think it’s wonderful! The color variations are subtle enough that it’s just a gentle ripple of color – like sunlight through a leafy canopy. It’s perfect! 🙂

  6. I’m just thrilled the BamHuey yarn is working out so well. Here in the Pacific NorthWet we have to make our own sunshine. Now I need to go spin some more! 🙂

  7. Love the FOs! and the beautiful yarn that you are testing out is just … stunning!
    I CAN’T WAIT to buy some of that cashmere lace from Fearless Fibers 🙂

  8. Anne – the boxleaf turned out beautifully. I am one who wanted it in rectangle. I have been looking at yarn, but don’t have any idea how much I would need. Can you let me know so I’ll know what I’m dealing with? I love everything you do. No lie!

  9. Ooh! I love the boxwood wrap — those lovely curves near the edge are so nice next to the boxes. Gorgeous, gorgeous 🙂 And the color of the newspun fibre is stunning!!

  10. boxleaf is so fabulous and that color looks gorgeous on you anne! you’ve done it again.

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