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years ago, a hand-painted pasta bowl seized my attention in a shop window. the simple chevron pattern that circled the rim was, for me, riveting in its stark simplicity. so much so that somehow, before i could regain my senses, my weekly grocery money was in the hands of the shop owner. she explained that […]

miscellany day

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let’s just start with cake. we celebrated parade magazine in 1963 or so. it was a childhood favorite—dense chocolate cake with a ribbon of cheesecake filling snaking through it. so i thought i’d try it (now that we have a working oven again . . . after four months without it, it’s a wonder i […]

berry berry busy

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the strawberry plants beginning to forge their way through their winter blanket of mulch. the fortitude is admirable. deb has added her fearless fibers etsy shop—a range of fresh colors in laceweight and sport/DK. the first group carries names of women that begin with the letter ‘A’—the blend of dark blues and grays that captured […]

it’s too quiet without the wheels

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the tulips and daffodils are so dense this year, i wondered if they would all flower or if we’d just have lots of foliage. i still can’t figure out what made them grow in so plentifully—this is a first for us. we have good soil, but the ground all around the house is dense with […]