it’s a mashup today

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it’s that time of year when you could just sit and watch the plants grow—last week’s rain coupled with the weekend heat instigated a explosion of growth and bloom out there. now it’s raining again and cooler—good thing too, because i’ve had a lot of catching up to do this week. we even have live […]

far flung

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whew, the rivolo that lisa knit from her own handspun (it’s that her ravelry project page, you can see the colors shift from one end of the scarf to the other in the most beautiful way. and then there was stonewall wrap. i love it in pastels, don’t you? but kathy didn’t stop there—she was […]


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i was so completely consumed with getting my sweater finished over last weekend that by monday, when i finished it, i felt as if i’d been dumped off the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere, in dire need of getting my ducks in a row. landing back in the here and now […]

it’s growing

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the skies are intent on sending rain today—the tension is in the air, and the light is extremely flat out there, but it hasn’t started yet. the bleeding hearts are poised to receive a shower. each hosta point has a droplet of water, but i’m not sure if it’s condensation or if it comes from […]