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years ago, a hand-painted pasta bowl seized my attention in a shop window. the simple chevron pattern that circled the rim was, for me, riveting in its stark simplicity. so much so that somehow, before i could regain my senses, my weekly grocery money was in the hands of the shop owner. she explained that the pattern was named trevi and its use dated back to the etruscan age at least, popular in ceramic and tile work since that time.

the day i saw this stitch pattern in a book, i experienced a similar reaction—i just had to work with it. when the right yarn came into my hands, i knew just what do—marry them.

shown here, petite size shawl in hand maiden sea silk, colorway, pewter. kit available for pre-order from one planet yarn and fiber

to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

the nickel and copper shawl pins shown on this page were created by my friend romi; you can see many more lovely examples in her online shop. pieces from her elements collection are particularly perfect for this shawl, because they are so lightweight.

lis and jodi at one planet yarn and fiber provided the gorgeous sea silk yarn for this shawl
rachel squeezed in the proofreading of the pattern on her long journey home this week—many thanks rachel!
karolyn sped though her test knit at the speed of light—i really hope i get to meet her when i go west this summer!
and much love to david who understands so well how we want to see.

45 thoughts on “trevi

  1. I’m a total lurker, and I am in LOVE with your shawl designs. They’re just stunning. This one is just delightful!! I’ve got the perfect handspun for this!

  2. Just purchased. Now this would be perfect for the Sea Pearl I e-mailed you about. Much better. Thanks!!

  3. Just lovely. Definitely on the list. I want to thank you for always putting up so many photos. It really helps to know just what things look like from all angles.

  4. Another beautiful shawl, Anne! And what makes the design genius (in my opinion) is the way the chevrons meet in the middle-back as squares, not points. Unexpected and delightful. I just can’t get enough of your work!

  5. You tricked me! (Big grin!) Believe it or not, I’ve never done a knit on border. This looks like a very easy one for a first timer. It’s just that I’m lazy and don’t feel like learning how!

  6. Wow, it looks a lot bigger on! I thought it was a little shawl! Love the design though, it’s so cool!

  7. This is very lovely and different, somehow, from many of your other designs. I love the yarn. I, too, would love to see the bowl that inspired the design!

  8. So so lovely–very simple, yet very elegant. Another one for the ‘to do’ list, I’m afraid!

  9. Anne – the simplicity of this shawl and the inherent movement in the pattern makes this my top favorite of all of your shawl patterns. However, I’m a novice at knitting lace. Would you recommend this pattern for a beginner, intermediate, or expert? Thanks!

  10. Wonderful! You do such a spectacular job modeling too. It’s great to see how many different ways a triangle can be worn. Thanks for another lovely shawl!

  11. That is a beauty! Great photos too, and I find it very helpful to see the shawl worn in various ways. It helps those of us who, as my mother would say, “merely put clothes rather than get dressed.”

    Did the sea silk grow a lot upon blocking?

  12. Beautiful! simple, yet elegant 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talent Anne! I’m just going to HAVE to start yet another project …. twist my rubber arm *grin*

  13. i don’t think i’ve told you how much i like this pattern! there’s something about geometric meshes i find really attractive in knits. hmmm…and looking at it, i might have to find some time to try seasilk, too…

  14. I just happened to have a couple of skeins of Sea Silk in an almost solid goldy-green, and had been looking for something to make with them – and along comes your wonderful pattern!

    I’m also a sucker for geometrical patterns, so this should be a pleasure on more than one front …

    thanks so much again for all your talent.


  15. Oh, very elegant! How do you always get such fantastic light in your photos! I bet it feels luscious, that seasilk is some delicious fiber.

  16. Beuatiful! I love it and the pattern is downloaded!

    Do you think I could get away with 575 yards for the petite size? I have a skein of Wollmeise…

  17. An absolute stunner!!!

    Your work is prolific. I receive so much inspiration from you. It started off with knitting, but now I read your blog to keep motivated in my daily life. Thanks ever so much!!!

  18. You’ve done it again, Anne! I clicked on your blog and literally gasped when I saw Trevi. Fortunately I’m almost finished half of my Boxleaf Wrap, so it’s time to be thinking about my next project. Hope it’s as wonderful (easy) a knit as the Boxleaf Wrap!

  19. That might be my favorite one so far. It is so elegant and I love all he ways you modeled it. THe color compliments you and David’s photos rock! In your opinion, is this a beginner, intermediate or advanced lace pattern?

  20. Hello Anne,
    I suppose I should have placed this question on the previous one, I simply forgot. This was more of an after-thought I suppose.
    I noticed you pose for all of your pattern photo’s and I was wondering why?
    I am wondering if this is common practice for non-models in the knitting field? Do you have advice to offer to those of us who are considering using a blog to show our knits? Should we pose with our knits as well,even if we have no back-ground in this field?
    I am considering doing a blog as well, I feel it may be a fine way of keeping in touch with others and showing off my much adored knits, but I am afraid it might seem like I am being almost precocious in sorts. How do you feel about this and do others find it precocious when your knits are always photgraphed on?
    I also find your shawl simply beautiful, so very airy and alluring in a soft spoken type of way.
    Thank you, Lillian Burge

  21. Beautiful shawl. I love the way the pattern falls accross the front. I have already downloaded ny copy and bought my opulence yarn.
    What size are you modeling?

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