chill chasers

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for lunch yesterday, one last bowl of the tomato soup i made a week ago, so good and warm. just the right thing to go with some good reading . . . tuesday’s mail brought me a copy of zen yarn garden shop and added some of this yummy silver moon colorway. for some reason, […]

too much to talk about

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i can’t believe that just on sunday, i had all the windows open while i worked in the kitchen, getting the latest batch of produce squared away. just two days later, i’m huddled here at my desk wrapped in a sweater, as high winds blow cold rain and the temperatures continue to drop. my prediction […]

dovecote shawl

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when i named this shawl, i was thinking only that the triangular shape and gingerbread-type patterns reminded me of that spot in the eves where the roof peaks—the spot where birds like to hang out. once i actually looked up the term on the internet, i found so much more interesting information about my original […]

fall of the garden

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i can’t get over the resurgence of my cherry tomatoes—even as the very plants brown and die back, hundreds of them are popping out in plump bunches all over the vines, turning ripe on a daily basis (and they’re tasty, too). i’ve been gratefully gathering them by the bowlful because they are the one thing […]