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a sprightly sprout of a sweater to knit in eager anticipation of spring. a lace rib pattern of tiny buds sets a nice vertical line, while inset shaping on the body accents all the right parts. create a form-fitting silhouette or knit it up slightly looser for a more casual shape—the curves won’t be lost. […]

getting organized between trips

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with the henley sweater all seamed up, i decided that, since it is knit with superwash yarn, i wanted to get it completely wet to see if that would cause any major sizing changes (it didn’t with this one, but it has been a factor in other projects). while i was at it, i threw […]

fishbone gansey sock

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is it cold where you are? do you need to create a little shot of sunshine to brighten up your knitting? here’s a cozy sock that might solve both of those dilemmas—as fun to knit as it is cozy to wear. a little gansey styling with a progression of patterning in a bright, unexpected colorway […]

gray areas

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well toto, we’re not in in the garden of eden any more—all we have of it is the fruit. i was going to start out with a compare/contrast photo to describe what we came back to on friday, but i just couldn’t do it. a little slice of california orange seemed so much more generous […]