fishbone gansey sock

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is it cold where you are? do you need to create a little shot of sunshine to brighten up your knitting? here’s a cozy sock that might solve both of those dilemmas—as fun to knit as it is cozy to wear. a little gansey styling with a progression of patterning in a bright, unexpected colorway will work wonders to cheer you up as you go.


shown here: size medium in dye dreams classy sox, colorway a sockwork orange, offered as the winter installment to the dye dreams four seasons sock club (or purchase any colorway separately from a full array of choices).


to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the product page in the knitspot pattern shop.

mona and stephanie at dye dreams have many more wonderful yarns to share in their online shop. i have been very fortunate to partner with them on several projects and have immensely enjoyed sampling their beautiful yarns; a peek at their full selection is highly recommended.

many thanks to my dear friend beckie, who is a delightful model with a real feel for the task—i so appreciate the chance to get behind the camera and let her work it for a change; thank you, beckie!

i have to mention too, how much fun it was to photograph the sock at someone else’s house—we took a little time during a visit to our friend kris’s inviting cottage, filled with natural textures, to take the photos for today’s release; thank you for lending us your wonderful home for a while, kris!

20 thoughts on “fishbone gansey sock

  1. Nice pattern and cheerful color during a season with nothing but all of this white and grey out.

  2. I love these socks! Your patterns are awesome! I just finished the “flaming desire” socks and I can’t wait to cast on the next pair — maybe the gansey will be it! Any chance you’ll be publishing all of your patterns in a book sometime? I have a feeling I’m going to end up buying every single one of your patterns one by one over the next few months! I’m hooked!

  3. Love my socks..can’t wait to finish them up..I want to wear them!! Just love the yummy color..

  4. First sock almost done….love the pattern and the color is as nice in person as in photo…so juicy!

  5. Anne- I love them. I have come to love orange- it used to be associated with my mother’s dreadful 1970’s decorating, but it is a happy color.

  6. I adore the simplicity and warmth that these socks envoke! Will definitely go on my “to make” list. I’m envisioning them around campfires this summer (the nights are not so warm up here even in the summer)

  7. Very nice-simple knitting to start, then think for a few rows and then motor on down to the toe. And it would be great for a guy sock too.

    Welcome home, by the way. We’ll be sending some blue skies your way in a day or two. 🙂

  8. I’m sooo happy I got joined this Dye Dreams club –thanks to your enabling :o). I’m looking forward to knitting this sock once I finish a couple of other things first.

    I’m chomping at the bit for sprossling!! Seriously, that is a gorgeous pattern, and I am so excited for it’s release.

  9. Hi Anne…here is a “silly” question…when measuring one’s foot, just WHERE on the foot do you place the tape measure…around the arch area and over the top of the foot, around the ball of the foot, or somewhere in between…thank you for clearing this up for me!!

  10. I’m glad you received the yarn and that you like it! Can’t wait to see what it becomes – especially the Harvest Moon.

    Have fun in Denver!

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