buggin’ out on spinning

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while we were hoping that maybe there was a good explanation for the presence of these guys in linda’s spinning fiber (like maybe they were cochineal bugs or something), turns out—no. just a couple of ondule, knit this time in skacel slate). just look how she’s matched those stripes. she noticed though, that in the […]

it’s a sunny day, oh yeah

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it’s gotten super cold here again, but we’ve had three or four days of full sun and blue skies in the last week (not all in a row, but you can’t have everything). even the [ETA] amaryllis is finally responding. it sat there for a few weeks after i planted it and i was beginning […]

getting my ducks in a row

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now that i’ve mostly unpacked from the weekend trip (still have to put away the pieces from the trunk show, oy), opened the mail that came, and answered most of the weekend email, i’m trying now to prioritize my works in progress—not the easiest job on the list; i have too many things on the […]


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i may be old-fashioned, but it still confounds me that i can leave home on friday for a city that is a couple of thousand miles away, teach two days of classes, visit with family and friends, dip into the local culture a bit, then be home at at my desk by 9 am on […]