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after a couple of days of chilly rain, the sun this morning was a very welcome sight. the rain is not without its benefits—a few new signs of garden life were evident in the aftermath. the lilac is now presenting full leaf buds (above); our large shrub is getting old though, and a bit scraggly. […]

pine and ivy

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what could be more magical than a little Victorian shawl with a bit of alice-in-wonderland whimsy and mystery? this delicate lace composition has the beautiful endpoints of a triangle with the gentle slope at the back and shoulder shaping borrowed from the faroese style. an enchanting hybrid creature knit of leaf, vine, and pine cone […]

what’s cookin’ good lookin’?

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wow, sunday is here again already, can you believe it? i’ve been so busy all weekend that i completely forgot to take pictures of my current knitting—we’re going to have to make do with activity photos. we had a wonderful spinning class once again this morning; i swear, some weeks i just live for sunday […]

the great outdoors

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like i said in my last post, the weather’s been just glorious here. between the blue, blue skies and balmy temperatures, it’s been easy to give in to the lure of the outdoors, if even just for a quick photo op. yesterday i went to visit my friends kris, helena, and jeff for the afternoon. […]