chasing winter out

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daffodils are so resilient—just look at them. the first time i saw our daffs crumpled to the ground under a coat of april snow, i almost cried. but now i know how well they recover from a little setback like that and take cheer from their fortitude. our yard continues to spring to life, despite […]


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today i am blogging at loop in dowtown philly. we are planning an upcoming online shop, and

reno nation

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captain, it appears we have achieved a ceiling for the unit in question. if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that some part of our house is always under construction. in december, we emptied the studio i’d been using for the last six years so that david could gut and […]

oh, the cruelty . . .

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ok, mother nature, we know you love a good joke, but is this really necessary? sigh. although. the sky is an incredible shade of blue this morning—just like every other WARM day this week. except it’s 28 degrees. and that’s after it warmed up a bit. the poor flowers they popped fully open yesterday afternoon […]