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i’m home for what feels like five minutes and even though there is a veritable tsunami of things to take care of today, i can’t help but notice how much everything has leafed out in the days i was gone. the lilacs have gone from infant buds to blooms and the climbing hydrangea seems to […]

oh, the places you’ll go

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we are keeping up such a hectic pace at sock camp that i’ve barely had time to check my email, much less write a blog post (honestly, i never even know what day it is . . .). but today i got up extra-early to squeeze it in, because i have so much to share. […]


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celebrating my first trip to sock camp, a quick-knit sock with a motif that plays well with socks that rockĀ® and other variegated yarns. the knit/purl checks move along with the color changes as they spiral down the leg and foot to provide some texture and interest, without the stress of a complex motif. use […]

visiting home

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gone for only a few days and look at how big everything has gotten. i’m home for just a visit in between trips, but ran out between the raindrops this morning to record the garden’s progress in my absence. the hostas have gone from stubby points to unfurling leaves. even the lime leaf miniature hostas […]