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i’m home for what feels like five minutes and even though there is a veritable tsunami of things to take care of today, i can’t help but notice how much everything has leafed out in the days i was gone. the lilacs have gone from infant buds to blooms and the climbing hydrangea seems to have doubled its presence

while the apple tree has burst out with full blossoms that are already on the downhill turn . . . but holding out for a day or two so i can appreciate them

the tree got a severe pruning last week and we’re hoping this might lead to more apples in the fall. i’m sorry about that blurry light surrounding everything—apparently there was a giant fingerprint on my camera lens that i didn’t notice until most of today’s photos were taken. ah, well.

and i can’t get over these chard plants that survived the winter—they are determined to provide an omelet or two before we replant new ones for this year.

a few more tulip varieties to go before they end their blooming period—these dark ones are david’s favorites and they always bring up the rear of the spring flower parade

yesterday morning, i was a couple thousand miles from here; i can’t believe it. i got up early, repacked my bags to leave camp and wandered outside to see if there was a parting photo or two i could take while on a short walk. it had been raining and all the ferns that grow through the wall next to the condo we stayed in were unfurling

omg, it was so amazingly strange and beautiful—very suessian. perfect.

a little further on, the mountains were sharply defined against the gray sky—this is something you can’t see in ohio . . .

the last few days of camp were as fun as the first ones. we had more crafts and evening antics than you’d think we could fit into a few short days.

there was a little more yarn shopping in the blue moon “store”

where it seems i picked up a couple extra skeins of yarn . . . or three.
oh yeah—four.

i almost forgot the one i bought and cast on with right away. it’s already becoming a sock and my only slim excuse is that i needed a consolation sock to cheer me up after my failed cabled sock (which i’m going to fix, once i return from spring fling).

i love the way this one is turning out—just what i had in mind for this luscious ethereal colorway.

the leg is almost done.

not to mention a skein of our camp colorway that i tried not to purchase (more about that later). that’s it in the photo above, next to the yellow sock.

i wasn’t sure about it for a couple of days and then dang it, someone cast on and started knitting with it and i lost my head. i had to have one, too

after swatching with it for a little bit and conferring with sivia, i decided on a simple knit/purl stitch pattern that shows off the colors in a way i really like. i cast on during the closing dinner party and once i got to the airport the next day, it was game on for this one

by the time i got home last night, i was all the way through the heel and ready to pick up the gusset stitches

i’m not even exactly sure what we named this color, but i think it is to be called “paula may; a night at the show”. you had to be there . . .

but it doesn’t stop there . . . one more skein was included in the camp goodie bag—named after the camp itself, cattywampus

it also looks really neat knitted up. i’m not sure when i’ll try it out myself, but i’m glad i saw some people knitting with it because now i do want to give it a whirl at some point.

i know i should not have started two more pair of socks, but what could i do??
it was SOCK camp.

(that’s barbara, working on her fishbone gansey sock)

i made sure to work on a non-sock project on the way home too—gotta keep my other knitting skills sharp, after all. and i have this project i’d love to finish while i’m traveling.
i got a few more repeats done on my twinings stole and now i am halfway done with this half.

i’ll be super happy if i can finish it this weekend at spring fling; then i can graft and block and be guilt free AND have a new beautiful pink stole.

before i got to the airport, i did take a little detour with some friends and campers to churchmouse yarns

it was a really REALLY nice shop. i didn’t buy yarn though; i found buttons that are wonderful and bought those instead.

then we had a little coffee and a snack and it was time to head out.
now i’m packing for the next journey and this evening, spending time with david.
in fact, he’s pumping our tires now to go for a bike ride, so i have to end here.

i’ll see you in st louis!

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  1. Lilacs must be my favorite thing in the whole wide world. The smell is divine and it transposes me directly to childhood, but also makes me feel feminine and beautiful… If only I could find a lilac-based perfume! Whenever I ask at perfume shops, the shop assistants give me odd looks, as if I was asking for frog-based smells!

  2. Isn’t Churchmouse fantastic? Its a bit out of my way, but sooo nice. (Nothing to compare to my own LYS, of course;) ) And I’m glad you got to see the Olympics this weekend despite the drizzly weather. I see those same peaks everyday, just from further south. Always makes me happy!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful visit! That fern was so pretty–I have some in the back, but they aren’t quite that snazzy looking. Welcome home, however briefly.

  4. Wonderful sock patterns, Anne! I am ever in awe of your designing ability, especialy the creative speed at which you “travel.” Hoping these new patterns will be available soon????
    Looking forward to seeing you in June,

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time! I am going to have to get some of that Cattywampus colorway, how could I not, it’s the name of my blog!

    Those socks are both really cute, I am up for a sock test knit if you need anybody.

    Safe travels!

  6. Anne
    Can you tell me anything about the piece that Barbara is wearing? I don’t recognize the pattern.


  7. Lovely Lilacs. Lovely Apple tree. Lovely Tulips. =)

    And what IS that lovely piece that Barbara is wearing about her neck and shoulders?

  8. That knit shop looks fabulous. . . . I wish I was button shopping with you – I need to get some for my Sprossling!! Have a great time in St. Louis; so wish I could be there!!!

  9. Those lilacs and the ferns-wonderful! Ooooh and I want to go to Churchmouse as I have heard it is great. Port Ludlow is starting to call out to me too. Would you puhlease quit living my wish list. ha ha.

  10. I love Paula Mae knit up!!! Have fun in St. Louis. It can’t possibly be as crazy as Sock Camp was, but maybe that’s ok!

  11. You are one busy person this April! Glad you’re getting to enjoy some of your garden at home – the flowers are beautify – and a bike ride with David before you head off again!

  12. It was so nice to spend time with you at camp, and I really enjoyed your class. So much information in such a short time frame. We were at the bakery around the corner when one of the ladies from Churchmouse came running in with your creature. I believe that it has found a home and will very happy hanging out with the yarns in Churchmouse.

  13. Look at you go with two new socks already! I bet there are swatches to match, aren’t there?!! It was so absolutely wonderful to finally meet you Anne and your class..AWESOME. My brain is still oozing with ideas! And I’m hoping in a few weeks I’ll have a fabulous swatching post for you!

    Safe travel!! And thank you again!

  14. When did you go to Churchmouse? I was visiting my sister on Bainbridge Island this weekend and I was in Churchmouse Saturday, Sunday and Monday! What a great shop. We love it!

  15. I love seeing all of the spring flowers and greenery. I also love the yellow sock yarn. What colorway is that?

  16. I, too, would like to know about what Barbara is wearing. It’s lovely. Your sock prowess amazes. Enjoy the next journey!

  17. climbing hydrangeas?? who knew! And tell us about that lovely bag with the blue flowers…..and i love the new sock designs!

  18. Beautiful photos of the lilacs and the tulips! Good choice, David! Your socks make me want to try sock knitting….just haven’t gotten the courage up yet! Hope the bike ride was great!

  19. I love going to Churchmouse when we got to Bainbridge to visit the family. 🙂 It’s such a cozy shop and they stock a lot of very nice yarns. Safe travels!

  20. Aren’t lilacs just the best?!

    The stitch pattern on the new pale sock is fabulous, a wonderful pairing.

    And what pattern, pray tell, is Barbara wearing around her neck? Guess I’m not the only inquisitive one….

    Thanks for the little peek of Churchmouse; I’ve heard of it but have never been so ’twas fun to see.

  21. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your garden. It’s amazing that you still have time to take all the pictures when you are home for such a short time.

  22. Please tell us about Barbara’s neck thing. It looks like it pulls over her head, poncho-like. Or is it something skillfully wrapped?

  23. What wonderful thing is Barbara wearing?? i really like it.

    it’s oK though I still think you are the best. I haven’t deserted the designer. 🙂

    but I really want to know. 🙂

  24. It was great meeting you at camp and seeing the wonder of your swatches. Thanks for all the important info you shared with us! (and since lots of people are asking, Barbara is wearing Harmonia’s Rings Cowl by Sivia Harding….worn by quite a few campers and they were all beautiful)

  25. I was wondering if you could tell us about the project bag in the 10th picture down from the top of the post. I have been looking for that very thing and would love to know where you got yours. Thanks.

  26. I keep coming back to look at all the lovely photos in this post!

    Stunning garden shots, glorious knitting, knitters, shops, socks and lace. What more can we as readers ask for???

    Oh well maybe one thing…the pattern name of the cowl that Barbara is wearing?

  27. I am very jealous of your lilacs. They are lovely–as are the socks you have started. I am so glad you had a good time!

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