weekending at the speed of light

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the bumper crop of hydrangeas we happened to achieve this summer is drying now and i’m enthralled with the colors—the loathesome wallpaper in our so-called “dining room” (no one will be happier than me to see that stuff go, some day). linda already put dibs on a bunch to take home next week and i […]

it’s unmistakable

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a week ago we were sweating through the evening, waiting breathlessly for a cool breeze to relieve the sticky heat of the day; blanket knitting was entirely out of the question. this week, overcast and chilly, has brought a completely different air to the house—suddenly, it’s the end of summer and the signs are all […]


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not as in chillin’ out, but actually feeling chilly—temps here have dropped considerably since the weekend, with a gray sky to go with them. it’s in the 60s today and there is a definite feeling of fall in that air . . . just sayin’. as promised, i have photos of my newly finished study […]

food for thought

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i think of this view in my garden as “tomato alley”. i can’t help but admire the plants for getting through the summer in such good shape; they are really holding their own against the usual suspects this year. as the end of the summer approaches, they continue to grow and produce lots, despite the […]