re: rooting

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at the end of last week, almost caught up on work, i raised my head from the keyboard and realized that late fall is setting in and that i should spend the weekend getting some of the garden organized for winter. my friend cute project bags i favor so much, has been urging and gail […]

there was yarn and knitting, too

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i think it’s safe to say that as much fun as we had tooling around the hudson valley, visiting friends and eating this last week, we were equally dedicated to the really tough job of fondling as much fiber as possible, to make this yarn and knitting post the best it could possibly be. my […]

oh, the people you’ll meet

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what could be better than collecting your best friends, loading up the car with all your favorite stuff, and taking off for a trip which is entirely focused around wool and fiber activities? the answer has to be almost nothing. well, sharing the many, many pictures i took might come close . . . kim, […]

bookish julie

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some time back, julie turjoman contacted me to ask if i would participate in her new book project, jared flood, this book is chock full of lovely projects by 26 up and coming fiber designers, augmented by thoughtful interviews and writings about the work through julie’s eyes. see, there’s my friend clara parkes; she contributed […]