bad blogger . . .

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oooh, so sorry for disappearing all week—between traveling and having houseguests—my dear nephew james and our niece-in-law diana came to visit—we’ve been hibernating a bit to enjoy the post-holiday week. we’ve filled it with nice, late breakfasts, sharing pictures of their wedding and honeymoon, and movie marathons. i think between home and the cineplex, we […]

the shining star(s)

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many, many of you have come to know and love our neighbor bret over the years for his fantastic and much-anticipated holiday light displays. and those who are new to us this year will hopefully appreciate what is about to unfold before you, for bret puts many hours of time and thought into his particular […]

peace on earth

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doesn’t this little sachet reflect the sentiment perfectly? the thistle handwerks that arrived last week just when i needed some aromatherapy most. filled with lavender (and mint, maybe?) i kept it on my desk all week and gave it a squeeze and a sniff as needed (haha, pretty often in the days just before we […]


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looking for a last minute gift you can pull out of your back pocket to save the day? forgot all about stocking stuffers this year, maybe? just heard about a kid at school whose christmas won’t be so warm and bright? here’s the magic answer to your wish seriously fast (especially in the littler sizes), […]