peace on earth

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doesn’t this little sachet reflect the sentiment perfectly?
the knitter’s peace dove was a sweet gift from martha at thistle handwerks that arrived last week just when i needed some aromatherapy most. filled with lavender (and mint, maybe?) i kept it on my desk all week and gave it a squeeze and a sniff as needed (haha, pretty often in the days just before we left home)

the evening before christmas is such a nice time—everything that can be done is done and everything that couldn’t get done . . . oh well, it might and it might not, but we’re not going to worry about it now.

in our family, we celebrate christmas eve with a feast of fishes; while most of the cooking for it is done, my mom is putting together the orange salad and putting the last few touches on the rest.

i’m helping her out and wrapping up the last of the gifts; we’ve got a little tabata set for each of my sister’s kids

bright blue with speckles for arjun

and a purply mix for anika.
these are knit up in the sturdy, machine washable pagewood farm alyeska, a tight twist merino. the yarn weight is a little heavier than the pattern calls for, so i used the instructions for one size smaller than i needed and knit them on a needle one size bigger.

i think they’ll be fine; they measure the right size. one skein was plenty to knit all three pieces in any of the children’s sizes. after a nice bath, the fabric smoothed out just beautifully; the kids may not notice but i’m enjoying it, haha.
(note to self: smooth, tight twist yarn takes ages to dry . . . don’t cut it so close next time)

with those gifts finished, i turned my attention to getting something knit for you know who (who is sadly, NOT getting a sweater under the tree this year). it’s still a surprise, so i won’t talk much about it now except to say that i loooove the yarn

it’s shalimar honey worsted, a skein that kristi sent to me, oh, at least a year ago. it’s perfect for this project—soft and snuggly, it knits up into a dense fabric that will be very effective at shutting out the wind, but still nice next to the skin. the colors are perfect, though it isn’t labelled so i don’t know what colorway this is.

anyway, this is an easy, mindless knit that is good company while we visit with relatives who come to hang out tonight and tomorrow. it will be done tonight, so i can show it to you more closely next time.

and because one project in play is never enough to hold my interest, i got back to work on these fingerless mitts i put on the needles some weeks ago, to match the red cabled keyhole scarf i knit up a while back in spirit trail birte and put aside for a gift.

i’m using spirit trail sunna in the matching rosewood colorway and my fine cabled mitts pattern to make a set.

i took them along to the movies the other night and worked on the cuff until the lights went down (i don’t like to knit in the dark the way some knitters do, haha). i wish i could finish them before we get home, but i don’t think that’s going to happen (i also ahve a secret project on the needles that’s got me in its thrall).

that’s plenty for me to do while i wait for santa to get here later tonight.
now, let’s eat!

15 thoughts on “peace on earth

  1. Beautiful sets for the kids – love the colors! Merry Christmas to you, David and your family!

  2. Those sets are so cute! My son is so thrilled with the handsies I knit up for him, he didn’t want to take them off. I hope my daughter likes her mitts when I finish them too. Now that they don’t grow so fast, and these are so quick to knit, I can finally knit for them!

  3. Merry Christmas Anne! I plan to finish up my club wristlets tonight – little bit worried about whether I have enough yarn but I think I’m going to make it!

  4. Very cute! And Merry Christmas! Just curious — what is the colorway of that blue Alyeska? Is it Crayon? I sure hope not; it seems to be sold out *everywhere*, and I am simply coveting a skein of it.

  5. Merry Christmas Anne and David…and your family too! Hope your time away with your family is fun and restful.

  6. Happy Christmas Anne and David – may your days be merry and bright!!!! Thanks for all you do for all the knitters of the world. We do so appreciate all your creativity!

  7. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am so blessed to have you and your love of knitting in my life. Thank you.

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