she wrote the book

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as with last year’s TNNA, one of the standout booths at the 2011 fall show was ysolda’s charming summer tent. we found ourselves there a couple of times each day, almost unawares—lured by the promise of a little rest for our feet and fun conversation with rebecca, and little red in the city (AKA “ysolda […]

weekend nourishment

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we’re having an excellent summer weekend—are you? happy father’s day to all those that are celebrating today; hopefully, that means at least a few of you are kicking back and knitting most of the day. i’ve been doing a few of the usual summer weekend things, though gardening was not among them, since i took […]

thinner, but better

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boy, did i ever miss my garden while i was away. i know it was just a short weekend trip, but when i got home, everything seemed to have doubled in size. and i missed it—drat! it makes me nervous about my travels in july; i’m finally realizing what it will mean to be away […]

why TNNA?

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and that, in a nutshell, is your answer: knitting—and anything remotely related to it. there is loads of yarn at the show, in every conceivable form, as well as a vast buffet of side dishes to go with—designers, patterns, notions, classes, books—you name it. if it has anything remotely to do with knitting, it’s at […]