swatch mania

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since i’m down to two current knitting projects—my rene cardigan—i’ve been devoting a somewhat disproportionate amount of time to swatching, so that i’ll have plenty of knitting projects to tide me over during my upcoming travels. not that there’s a lack of unfinished knitting to do—i have a couple of those laying about as well—but […]

swan’s way

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after a solid 7-10 days of rain, we finally had some beautiful summer weather yesterday and as i headed out on my bike, i decided check in with our swan family. they’d been keeping a low profile all during the previous week and i hadn’t been able to get good pictures from my vantage point […]

“help me, i think i’m fallin’ . . .”

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in love again . . . when i get that crazy feelin’, i know i’m in trouble again” — joni mitchell ok, i’ve held out as long as i can on this one, but dude—can you blame me?? it’s been in the house since the end of may—sprössing sibling i’m planning to design this summer. […]


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once again, we’re having a bit of a rainy week, but in a good way—it mostly rains at night or in the early morning, leaving the daytime hours fairly dry and mostly cloudy, with unpredictable but spectacular bursts of sun. (ok, i totally take that back—the sky just opened with a downpour of what can […]