basketweave sock

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oooops, our trip to michigan this past weekend was way busier than we thought, so i didn’t get this pattern posted til this today.

however, during our stay there, we did manage to get some super-cute photos of the new basketweave sock with our friend buddy.

who keeps a strict eye on everything that goes on within earshot. david has acquired a new friend; buddy stuck pretty close to him most of the weekend.

both man and beast are loving the blue brilliance of zen yarn garden squooshy sock in colorway masculine wave (a limited edition club yarn; serenity 20 in colorway mystic ocean looks a like a good substitute).

haha, i didn’t quite finish david’s second sock in time for the photo shoot (hence the cool slipper to distract you), but i can assure you it’s on the way—i got about halfway through it on the ride home and  i plan on getting more done in class today . . . from here, it won’t be long til the toe shaping is in sight.

it’s sized for us ladies too—helen knit up her test pair in socktopus sokkusu, colorway siffie (i don’t see that in the current offerings, but you might be able to order it)

thank you for sharing your lovely photos, too helen; we always appreciate seeing some variety. helen was  able to knit size large from one skein, in case you are wondering . . .

7-year-old amad is also enjoying the pair i knit for him while visiting in january; his are done up in kollage sock-a-licious, colorway blue heaven. i’m always glad for a bit of nylon in the guys’ socks . . . and this one has it, along with some silk for softness.

amad is wearing the second smallest size; that gives him a little room to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase pattern in our ravelry shop.

many thanks to roxanne at zen yarn garden for gifting us her inspiring artwalk sock yarn to knit david’s pair. squooshy is one of his very favorites and this colorway is truly awesome.

and to helen for helping out with a test knit and THEN providing these terrific photos as well—we love that!

our dear friend agnes also pitched in with a test knit and it was so good to have her on board again; i’ve missed her lately (it’s my fault; i’ve not been designing enough socks these last few months)

and finally, thank you to amad, david, and buddy for being good sports! we love our men around here, especially the ones who are happy to model once in a while.


drive by post

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i’ve got a LOT of secret knitting on the needles right now and i feel bad that the blog is getting a little short-changed in terms of project prøn. it’s killing me, because nearly everything i’m working on is something i think you guys would like.

if it makes anyone feel better, it’s all secret knitting that NO ONE can see except me and david and one carefully-chosen test knitter. it strikes me that i’ve gotten awfully used to, and quite dependent on, sharing my knitting with others. what the heck did i ever do with it before the blog?

i guess knitting just wasn’t so much of a social tool for me before . . . hunh.

after a mad flurry to get the first BNK club packages out the door and the first eBook chapter done, we are very much looking forward to the weekend. david and i are driving to michigan for a meeting and a little sightseeing—it’s our first time there, so we’re looking forward to it.

i’ve barely thought about what knitting i’ll bring, but certainly david’s sock will come along

look—i’m about to start the toe shaping already; i’ve gotten a LOT of sock knitting done this week. i think we’ll be able to take pictures and release the pattern soon—maybe monday.

and i’ll take the sweater and a couple of secret projects too—i think i’m going to some decent knitting time over the next three or four days and it couldn’t have come any sooner for me; i really need a break from sitting at the computer.

and the weekend starts now—we are headed out on our bikes to do weekly errands in a few minutes. we have a nice curry all set for dinner that i just need to cook rice for and after that, i’m settling in to knit, either here or at a friend’s house.

have a wonderful, restful weekend.

happy hearts from sunup to sundown

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it’s that time again—another winter holiday worth decorating for. and dont’ we appreciate a little pick-me-up just about now?

the snow we had this week has created the perfect background for bret’s valentine’s day installation. i was struck the other morning by how the light changes the mood of his house as the day progresses and the sun comes out from behind our place.

i decided to photograph it at several points during that day, from the quietest morning hours, through the afternoon, and into the evening, when the show begins in earnest.

the decorations are at their most colorful around noon, when the sun is at its fullest.

the gingerbread-style trimming of handmade wooden hearts is one of my favorite components

although i do find the cheery hopefulness of the heart-trimmed mailbox equally fetching; i wonder if i have a valentine around here anywhere to put inside it?

bret managed to slip in the information that with the right planning, the valentine house is actually a fairly easy feat to pull off—by leaving up the red and white christmas lights and decorations, he just needs to add a layer of pink hearts and really about that’s all there is to it.

you can’t read that sign over the stairs, but it says:
and all because two people fell in love . . . . awww!

even on a brilliant day like that one, the sky is likely to cloud up and become gray  by the end of the afternoon . . . but thankfully, not every day.

i got a little concerned when, after dinner, hardly any lights had come up across the street. finally, around 8 pm, i called over there to ask if anything was wrong and if not, could bret turn the lights on so i could take photos for the blog.

haha, it turned out that there was a bit of a short in one of the strings so that all the bulbs didn’t light and bret thought that keeping them turned off was better.

he graciously came out to light them for US though—he ‘s very fond of the blog (and i think he rather relishes the fame he’s achieved here).

he made his way from plug to plug and the scene began to look more festive

and familiar when the icicle light started to twinkle in the eaves.

there we go—now that’s more like it!

it really has a lot more of that vegas flair in the dark

but playful too; it’s quite wonderful.

and so, from our street to yours: happy VD!

pushing through to the finish

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ooooh, it got cold here this weekend—crazy winter that it is.

last week it was in the 50s all week, warm enough for the bulbs to start sprouting.
this weekend, it snowed for three days straight and the wind howled like mad. it was a very fine, powdery snow however; not much accumulated.

now the sprouts are covered with a white blanet, but fighting like champs to keep their tips in the sun . . . i love that tenacity.

spring is, indeed, on its way.

on saturday, i worked on the new sweater pattern and some secret knitting projects—something about all-day snow makes me want to tuck in and knit. after a day or so of that though, i crave company so on sunday, i bundled myself off to debby’s for the afternoon and we sat in her sun room knitting and watching the snow come down on the lake. nice, right?

and look—i got really far on david’s blue sock. i’m past the heel now and on to the foot. just a few more gusset decreases to go and i’ll be sailing down to the toe.

the fabric is SO beautiful, isn’t it? this is zen yarn garden squooshy, in colorway masculine wave; a gift from my friend roxanne (she’s a terrific dyer; you should check out her shop). what a great shade of cobalt. it was a limited edition yarn, but it’s really similar to her delphinium colorway.

i started and completed a tiny secret project and then started another bigger one. i love them both to bits and wish i could share them, but i’ll keep my mouth shut about them for a while more . . .

i did, however make great progress on david’s pebble stitch sweater, both knitting and pattern. the pattern is almost ready to send to tech editing and the front piece is now completed. i love how that stack of finished pieces is growing—it’s very satisfying.

here’s a closeup of the cable detail along the armhole—just enough to give a plain-ish sweater a little definition, but not enough for david to think of it as too fancy for everyday.

the back piece is already on the needles and i’m almost done with the hem ribbing; i’ll probably move on to the big stretch of body pattern tonight.

because i had to send for one extra skein after i received the initial batch of yarn, the color is slightly different than all the other skeins (which are a remarkably good match for one another). it’s close enough to blend, so i’m not fretting over it.

i know i’m supposed to alternate skeins in this situation (and that’s what i’d recommend if someone asked me, haha), but i am WAY too lazy to do it; i just can’t make myself (and i’m happy to live with random results; i embrace the the artisanal effect). so i’m hiding this are near the bottom of the back piece and using as little of this skein as i can get away with. i actually think that once i get the ribbing done, i’ll have enough of the remaining original yarn to finish out the back. the texture change will hide the difference even further.

getting to the last piece is a lot of incentive; i’m super-motivated now to motor through it to the finish (and you know how much i love finishing work!).

i was just texting with my SIL nan about how knitting gives us such a feeling of productivity—being able to measure and handle the actual results of your work—priceless. especially when circumstances seem constantly to be working against you.

(on the other hand if your toddler, in his enthusiasm to demonstrate new-found manual dexterity, happens to cut the sock you have in progress, knitting may not be the thing propping you up that day . . . just sayin’)

since we left las vegas, nan has knit four hats, a pair of socks for amad, and a pair of socks for micah (plus, the do-over one that got cut)—wow. and she joined ravelry, too—now we have to get her to post her projects and put a face to her name.

three of the hats matched, so that she and the kids each have one alike. she used leftovers of of briar rose robusta that i forwarded to her a while back; she loves chris’s colors and green/blues are a family favorite.

i think they need matching mitts for those, don’t you??

it just goes to show—if you give someone a slöfock, they get a cute hat.
teach someone to slöfock and and multiple happiness results.

speaking of which

there have been yarn sightings in our bareneaked clubhouse—packages that went out to the UK and beyond have begun to land—if you like spoiler photos now is the time to go take a peek. if you want to be surprised, now is the time to stay in the nonspoiler thread (if you can hold out, hee-hee!).

and that’s our monday—time to get back to work.