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oooops, our trip to michigan this past weekend was way busier than we thought, so i didn’t get this pattern posted til this today.

however, during our stay there, we did manage to get some super-cute photos of the new basketweave sock with our friend buddy.

who keeps a strict eye on everything that goes on within earshot. david has acquired a new friend; buddy stuck pretty close to him most of the weekend.

both man and beast are loving the blue brilliance of zen yarn garden squooshy sock in colorway masculine wave (a limited edition club yarn; serenity 20 in colorway mystic ocean looks a like a good substitute).

haha, i didn’t quite finish david’s second sock in time for the photo shoot (hence the cool slipper to distract you), but i can assure you it’s on the way—i got about halfway through it on the ride home and  i plan on getting more done in class today . . . from here, it won’t be long til the toe shaping is in sight.

it’s sized for us ladies too—helen knit up her test pair in socktopus sokkusu, colorway siffie (i don’t see that in the current offerings, but you might be able to order it)

thank you for sharing your lovely photos, too helen; we always appreciate seeing some variety. helen was  able to knit size large from one skein, in case you are wondering . . .

7-year-old amad is also enjoying the pair i knit for him while visiting in january; his are done up in kollage sock-a-licious, colorway blue heaven. i’m always glad for a bit of nylon in the guys’ socks . . . and this one has it, along with some silk for softness.

amad is wearing the second smallest size; that gives him a little room to purchase pattern or view complete pattern information, please click here to visit the knitspot pattern shop. or purchase pattern in our ravelry shop.

many thanks to roxanne at zen yarn garden for gifting us her inspiring artwalk sock yarn to knit david’s pair. squooshy is one of his very favorites and this colorway is truly awesome.

and to helen for helping out with a test knit and THEN providing these terrific photos as well—we love that!

our dear friend agnes also pitched in with a test knit and it was so good to have her on board again; i’ve missed her lately (it’s my fault; i’ve not been designing enough socks these last few months)

and finally, thank you to amad, david, and buddy for being good sports! we love our men around here, especially the ones who are happy to model once in a while.


18 thoughts on “basketweave sock

  1. Another winning pattern that will be jumping immediately onto my queue! BTW, Buddy looks amazingly like Erica from Kollage yarn’s dog!

  2. Yeah, a new sock pattern. It’s been a while (I guess you have been busy with other things huh?)

    I haven’t knit a pair of socks in quite a while. Might be time to get back on the sock train.

    Just need to finish Rene first; only 1/2 of one sleeve to go……..

  3. I’d love to knit socks, but I’m afraid of them. Those scary heel turns, short rows with wraps & stuff like that. Someday…..

  4. Rose,
    I too was afraid of socks until I bought Anne’s “The Sock Pattern to End all Sock Patterns”. Buy it and you won’t ever want to stop making socks. The instructions are fabulous. I took a sock class and still couldn’t make a pair of socks. I bought Anne’s pattern and I’m going sock crazy. This year for Christmas I made my 2 daughters 5 pairs each. This is a MUST have pattern.

  5. Great sock pattern. Now I must buy it and cast on. I’ve kind of lost my sock knitting mojo, but these might just help me get it back. I’ve missed your sock designs, Anne. Everybody looked great with their new socks.

  6. Aw, Anne, thank you so much! I’ve been too bogged down lately with my work & issues, I’m starting to pick up the stitches. LOL.

    Thank you for another wonderful beautiful pattern!

  7. They are great! I love them in all the colors shown. I wonder if I have any suitable semi solid yarn. I haven’t knit any socks lately either and these look like a great pattern to fix that!

  8. Love the socks, but seriously…love love love Buddy!! Such a cutie 🙂 I hope you gave buddy lots of scritches under the chin for me!

    And Amad is a natural at the sock modeling! He must love his socks!

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