swans of the garden

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at the start of the memorial day weekend, i was pretty far behind on getting my garden in the ground. where normally i’d have it planted some time near mother’s day, this year, i traveled most of april and may, making it impossible to plant until now. on sunday evening i finally got out there […]

a few great things

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our visit with erica, candy, and buddy extended to sunday, which was a bit more leisurely, since we didn’t have to go anywhere first thing in the day. beckie came over in the morning to share our breakfast and knit for a little while while we all chatted. buddy helped by cleaning up our bowls. […]

a day for showing off

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the best way to kick off summer around here has to be a trip to our regional sheep and wool—the great lakes fiber show, which is held every year over memorial day weekend. it’s a small event, but a good one, with a genuine flavor of the area in which we live. the great lakes […]

tis the season

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with weekend guests arriving today, i set out early to prepare a few things ahead of time—the better to spend time with them instead of in the kitchen. i had it in my head all week that what we needed for memorial day weekend was a strawberry rhubarb pie; berries are just coming into season […]