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when i was packing to go away last weekend, i added two things at the last minute to my knitting bag that were not really on my work agenda, but which i thought i might need—a big sweater is not something you can whip out just anywhere, so it’s good to have some small or […]

things are shaping up in holda

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over the weekend, i finally finished the second front piece for the sweater i’m designing with spirit trail holda, which meant i could then join the neckband and get a good look at how the whole thing hangs on the body. i know it’s rumpled, but try to imagine how a good blocking will smooth the […]

healthy sprouts

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yesterday i took a look in the garden and saw that almost all the root vegetables we planted last weekend had sprouted already—yay. we’ve got potatoes coming up in two long rows and surprisingly great germination in the carrot rows as well considering how dry it’s been and how much damp they need to get […]

showered with joy

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this weekend was whirlwind of travel and meeting new people as a large group of friends and relatives gathered in kalamazoo to throw a shower for erica and baby knitspot. after a busy day on thursday, i packed the car and as i pulled out the driveway, i saw a happy sendoff—our poppies were all […]