that hollowed-out feeling

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although we opted not to put in our usual vegetable garden this year during the house renovation, we do still have a garden with lots happening—every day something new comes to light, like the mophead hydrangeas beginning their blooming cycle this week. they are at that lovely stage where the buds and leaves are thick […]

the long trail

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when we left off last time we were just settling into spinning class to celebrate erica’s BD. by then our load-in was well organized; all that was left was to pack the car and go, a job we’d do in the morning. while the evening was lovely, by midnight there was crazy rain, which continued […]

let’s start where we left off

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holy cow friends, you must think i died and left you! i didn’t though. too bad—no one is inheriting my stash just yet. well; let’s see . . . where were we? i was heading out on the road the last time we had a chatty post. i left you with two back-to-back book reviews and giveaways, […]

bloch ness

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it’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?? our patten has actually been ready for quite some time, but first we had samples to knit and then we had to wait on yarn to arrive. finally, the universe is in sync and we can present you with bloch ness, a casual, slouchy cardigan in nine […]