double dipping

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Getting yarn in the mail is great, isn’t it? The rush of having a special package delivered to your door, opening it and discovering squishy, fantastic yarn inside — it’s why we love ordering that little treat for ourselves. A yarn club adds a whole new dimension to the process, with a surprise element included that […]

good things come in big packages too

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it’s been a busy couple of weeks around here with the launch of our pairings club; behind the scenes we’ve been scurrying to enroll last-minute member signing up (thank you all!), organize the first mailing of club packages, and get the first chapter laid out. everyone is excited! our clubhouse is hopping with gleeful posts as […]

Pairings with a Partner: the joys of joining with a friend

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While the digital age has provided us with an outlet for connecting with other crafters in a social way, we also love the tactile, emotional happiness we get from attending a local knit night or knitting with a close friend. This is very similar to the feeling we get when cooking for family or an […]

see the sea

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back in january we wrapped up our ENVY 2015 club with this final design—see the sea—an asymmetrical crescent shawl that makes the most of a gradient yarn or one with random striping, the kind of colorations you get when hand spinning with dyed roving. the pattern includes two sizes; one is a larger shawl (shown above) worked […]