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Getting yarn in the mail is great, isn’t it? The rush of having a special package delivered to your door, opening it and discovering squishy, fantastic yarn inside — it’s why we love ordering that little treat for ourselves. A yarn club adds a whole new dimension to the process, with a surprise element included that makes that daily mail arrival extra special! Our Pairings Club, which is winging its way to members all over the globe right now, is just the ticket to experiencing that joy for yourself.


The only downside to ordering something extra-special, exclusive and limited edition is that it might not be available again. We have a solution for this in all of our clubs — we fondly call it “double dipping.” You can double-dip any existing club to get double the yarn. This means you can keep it, knit up two of the same pattern, and give one garment as a gift to a friend or family member. Or, you can use all of the yarn to make something bigger, should the mood strike. Love the neutral from Bare Naked Wools but not the colorway from our indie dyer? Keep the neutral and save the color for someone it suits for a gift knit later — you’ll still have enough for a project. Double dipping is great for those of us who like to knit something a bit larger and have a few more options.

You can upgrade any club to a double or even triple dip when you sign up by adding extra yarn. If you’ve already signed up and want to upgrade your shipments, you can login to your account and use the add/renew membership tab here!

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  1. I’ve been a double dipper since day one! It provides so many more options (and someone always seems to be searching for yarn if you are so inclined to part with it after the blackout” period)!

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