is this lesson J yet?

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hello, and please forgive my absence of several days—we have been furiously uploading huge files for a The Work Project and any extra “connection time” had to be devoted to that. on a bright note, i sent out 10 books on monday. done. off to the printer. but then i got a whole other volume […]

just a few old things

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thanks for all the feedback on my stocking cap. i like it too. that red one is going to be a gift though, since i have the little red cap AND i sorta promised it to someone special. i’m going to knit another one for myself, since several people asked for a pattern, and that […]

i have hats

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i can’t believe it’s 10 pm already. i was trying to get through a round of edits on a book, but promised myself i would stop at 6 even if i wasn’t done. and instead, i just kept saying “one more lesson, and then i’ll quit”. i love my attitude when it comes to knitting, […]

the roar of the crowd

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running getting away is good. it’s good to get out of the house and great to be surrounded by friends with the same interests. SPA was so social, with everyone was sitting in circles with their wheels in order to visit with one another. visit, that is, if you could hear anything above the (joyful) […]