i have hats

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i can’t believe it’s 10 pm already.
i was trying to get through a round of edits on a book, but promised myself i would stop at 6 even if i wasn’t done. and instead, i just kept saying “one more lesson, and then i’ll quit”.
i love my attitude when it comes to knitting, but really, what does one get from applying it to “real” work? more work, right?

which reminds of this hat i made last week. it was the night before the night before i left for SPA. i had this hat on my mind that i wanted to make. i didn’t get upstairs to knit til well after midnight. but i very much wanted to start this hat, so while david found a cool movie to watch (seriously, you gotta check out this film), i cast on for my hat.

i wanted a shoulder-length stocking cap. i had already made this cap from a dark-red handspun yarn. you can’t really tell, but it has a couple of dreds hanging down with beads on the end.

(when i look at this picture i have to giggle; it reminds me of this boyfriend i had a long time ago who used to draw cartoons in which i was some sort of superhero whose nose took up about half the page. the angle of this picture reminds me of those cartoons—not that i have issues with my nose; i don’t. the cartoons were just so hilarious; i distinctly remember that in some of them i was flying with knitting needles in hand. and not just my nose, but my pointy toes were frequently featured as well. sigh—what was i doing with him?)

anyway, there wasn’t enough of that yarn to make the stocking cap, so i decided to use another red handspun, which is just a tad brighter.

no time, right?

well, sort-of.

really all the knitting went fine. i just kept falling asleep over it. finally at around 4am, i had a hat. and do you know what i did then? i proceeded to take a whole week more to get the tassle on and weave in the ends. i took it to SPA but didn’t even touch it there. i finally finished it yesterday morning while i drank my coffee.

i like this hat, but debbie says i shouldn’t wear it. i may give it away. or i might just wear it for snow shoveling and fresh-air breaks—i take those during the day, no matter how freezing or hot it is—i like to go outside for a few minutes to breathe deeply and clear my head (and what debbie doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?).
i have a couple of other hat ideas i want to try, like the fez-beret (i’m not sure if i’ll like the shape on me, but i LOVE the name . . . so therefore i must make it).

so back to staying up late working—from where do we get such bizarre behavior? can it be unlearned? i can see that it’s worth it for something i love, like spinning or knitting. but for work?? i mean, we’re not searching for organ donors, or working the 911 line here.

what’s up with feeling like i need to finish some huge goal before i can stop for the day? why can’t the goal be finishing eight hours? and especially, what’s up with putting aside the important pattern work to voluntarily do more of the daily grind? i know you won’t stand for that for very long, so i’m telling you that i’m working on it. i don’t think i’m succeeding, but i’m working on it.

while i thought about all that stuff, i started knitting with that luscious pink and gray sock yarn i spun a couple of weeks ago

i decided to do a straight-up ragg wool sock, to play up the offbeat colorway best. i thought about doing something fancier, but i’ll save that for another two-tone alpaca/wool that i spun over the summer.

i’ve been working away on the starlight wrap, too, and am hoping to at least begin writing the pattern this weekend (that would be heavenly—it feels like ages since i tortured myself over charting and numbers calculations).

and now it’s another hour later, so i’m skedaddling.

26 thoughts on “i have hats

  1. Love that handspun pink/grey yarn. I bet it’s even prettier in person.

    As for working late hours, I’ve become quite the night owl since starting to work from home about three years ago. I hardly ever get to bed before 1AM or start working before 10AM. Of course, that’s mostly because I take lots of breaks in the middle to knit for a bit to maintain my sanity. Ah, the joys of self-employment! You make your own hours, but your boss rarely gives you time off. LOL

  2. oh you hit it = the big kahuna you must do every day before you can go to sleep… ugh that resembles me . will have to meditate on it while i KNIT!

  3. Oh now, you make it sound like I said it was horrible *giggle*…I just picture a more sophisticated style hat for you….now knit up something else and lemme have THAT one. I’ll take it off your hands heehee

  4. I’m glad Debbie clarified her perspective but I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t wear it. I mean, if you are worried about what people think you look like, fine with me. But I’m not worried about what people think you look like, if you look happy and warm-headed. 🙂

    Anyhoo. Today was a long day and I wasn’t super disciplined at the office and that almost makes it seem harder. I don’t get it, but I’m pretty sure it’s the guilt factor. And probably the evil boss factor.

  5. Oh yeah? Well, I can’t believe it’s after 2am!

    Such cute hattery! Somehow, the soft colors of the sock make it look even softer. You meant to do that, I’m sure.

    I used to date an artist, too. When we played Rummy 500, he’d make the most elaborate team names, complete with little cartoony props (like cowboys and indians, with lasso, 10-gallon hat, and spurs on one side and feather headdress, teepee, bow & quiver, and “WOH! WOH! WOH!” on the other). Artists are way too dramatic.

  6. Your red hat reminds me of one I had as a child that my grandmother knit for me… only mine had three stripes and went past my shoulders to my rear end. I used to I used to twirl the end of my hat around to make the neighbor kids jealous. It was so much fun!

  7. The hours you keep make my head spin. Putting in a movie to watch at midnight. LOL My hubby’s been in bed for 3 hours by then. Or more. But then, he gets up at 5, and is at the office at 7. You probably don’t do that. LOL

    Love the red stocking cap. Don’t know why you shouldn’t wear it out and about. Your hat. You knit it. You should be able to wear it if you want.

  8. I guess that’s the downside of working from home. There’s no rule about when to stop. Me, I’m out of there at 4 on the nose!

  9. I LOVE your red stocking hat and I really liked the hat with the dreds when I saw it this weekend. I would wear either one of them and smile :-).

    I work at home too and it IS hard sometimes to walk away from a desk full of paperwork, but the upside is you can take that 2 hour break in the middle of the day too if you want 🙂

  10. Those sock colors are lovely – what is in the yarn that you spun?

    I think the stocking hat is great – I had one that my aunt knit me, even longer, and I loved that thing, wore it for years.

  11. Wear it with pride. It’s a happy hat and really who cares what strangers think. I’m a stranger and I’d be thinking, “wonder who spun and dyed that yarn ….”

  12. I think a lot of us here in the US are very task-driven. Therefore, the more tasks you finish, the better you are. Or something like that. I, however, have always been under the opinion that we’d all be a lot better off with a little siesta after lunch every day, to recharge the batteries a little bit.

    I love the sock colors – those are gonna be fun!

  13. I think that stocking cap is totally fantastic, and I would wear it all the time! Even if I looked a little funny in it! I think you should definitely keep it for the fresh air breaks.

  14. I used to have that same problem at my last job. Well, I’d have a period around 3 or 4 when time passed so sloooowly. And then I’d get into the groove and before I knew it, it was 5 and I wasn’t ready to leave! Then we got the house and were tied to the commuter train schedule, so that fixed that. In my current job, they have a much better work-life balance so that helps.

    I think the hat is cute, makes you look a bit pixie-ish.

  15. I think that hat is adorable! While it may not be your usual style, everyone needs a little fun sometimes. (personally I think Deb loves the hat and wants it for herself…JK) Add a little white edging and it would make the cutiest December hat.

  16. Well, I like the tasseled stocking cap, and think you should wear it proudly. 🙂 Though the small cap is very fetching too (I love the beaded dreds! 😉

  17. I think the hat is great, I was having trouble picturing a shoulder-length stocking cap, but the tassel really makes it work.

    Maybe you’re just a night-owl? I sometimes get a second wind about 11:30, then uh-oh I won’t be asleep until late. I’ve been like this since I was a child, and all those all-nighters in architecture school didn’t help.

  18. Quite like the stocking hat, wear it with a large smile! Oh dear, another night owl? I am getting worse and worse with it, particularly with knitting goals. I’m averaging about 5-6 AM these days and am up and in the office at 10:30. Sleep deprived, but I have to finish some self appointed goal before I can sleep. And I love the quiet of blackest night, as though the world was all mine.

  19. I like this hat!!! You’re totally stylin’ in it!! I think Debbie just wants you to pass it to her. haha! Yeah. It’s way cute on you.

    Okay, you need to learn to stop at the end of 8 hours of work. Just stop already!!!! Just say to yourself, “this is a process…. this is a process….” and then when you’ve put in your 8 hours, you can continue ‘the process’ the next time!!!!! Believe me; it will STILL be there when you wake up…..

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