the last word on april . . .

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april has been autism awareness month, and though it is over, i hope that we all will continue to be a little more aware of autism and how it affects the families around us. to end the month, my friend mason, who is 9 years old, has written an essay about what it’s like to […]

what is my problem??

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hello—sorry it’s been so many days. i didn’t know what to write about. it must be the weather. it’s wet, and has been for several days. it’s nice though—a good, spring wet that’s making everything grow. as debby said in class the other day, “you could just sit outside and watch the plants grow right […]

on knitting backwards

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well, if i could actually knit backwards i might feel like i had a new accomplishment to share, but right now, i am “knitting backwards” in the sense that i am making less-than-zero progress. and counting “backwards progress” as a learning experience is reaching for it. (i swear this is not the same photo as […]

it’s earth day; plan-et well

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and though my hope is that we keep the health of the planet in mind every day, in all our actions, at least on this one day we would each do well to make plans to tread more lightly on our planet in the coming year. the grand system that is earth is becoming ever […]