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it has been a week of running and more running. deadlines and changes make for a busy, busy life. and watering—we haven’t had much rain here and the plants are in a fast-growing stage, drinking it up as fast as we can get it to them. but it’s so worth it when i go outside […]

wooster weekend

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what a beautiful weekend we had here—the weather was great, even with the thunderstorms, and there were lots of fun things to do. and no pressing duties for a few days, which made it all the more enjoyable. our local fiber show at wooster, OH, was held this weekend and i went out saturday afternoon […]

water reigns

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i feel like i accomplished so much today. i woke up early and got outside to water before work. squashlets in the early sunshine. it’s been sunny, hot, and dry here all week. good for the seeds, and for these but it makes me sympathetic toward the plants. the ground just looked so thirsty for […]

just popping in for a minute

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hahaha, i just HAD to take a picture of this sock cuff i find it incredibly comical that i zoomed through both these socks in a very few days’ time, and getting the last 1.5 inches done is taking me almost 2 weeks. sigh. that’s how distracted i am. last night i took a break […]