various and sundry

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(flower of the day, black-eyed-susan) it seems like it took a month for these flowers to bloom. they came out very slowly this year. maybe they always do and i never noticed?? so, david updated my wordpress, and i spent a bunch of time yesterday resizing ALL the photos so the blog would run faster. […]

bigger IS better

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(flower of the day, multi-color lily) seriously, this one lily plant has a variety of differently-colored flowers on it, from a solid deep mauve to white-with-pink-speckles. what’s up with that? it’s the only plant we have that did this . . . anybody else seeing weird lily behavior? thank you all for the nice comments […]

greedy me

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(flower of the day, echinacea, at sunset) i am really flattered that no one guessed what sin i am. but wow, everyone thought i was lust, which gave me pause . . . and, probably i am in my heart. but i picked my sin by color, and by what i might knit, so i […]

a mile in someone else’s heels

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i know i KNOW. i’ve been dilly-dallying in the same spot on this sock for over a week (oh, how i know!). and to be honest, i have done a LOT of knitting in order to go nowhere. why all this angst and kvetching over the damn heel you might ask? to tell you the […]