ain’t nothin’ like the real thing

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(flower of the day, rose of sharon; just opened its petals this morning)

i had promised myself that i’d spend ALL DAY yesterday knitting, and i got a good start of a few hours-worth first thing in the morning. then i came into the office to check email around 11:30, and never left the desk til 8 pm, because rachel got me to work on fixing up the blog.
and that was really good. we got all the chores done and out of the way (for a bit at least), so that left my schedule clear to knit today.

but before i talk about my knitting, i MUST send you over to another rachael’s blog—this rachael is another Wonder Knitter and has finished her first half of the rectangle bee, which she is test knitting. and seriously you must go look. i’ll wait . . . . .

OMG—i cried when i saw that (it’s the blocking shots—they always get me). i don’t know what i ever did right to deserve to work with such great knitters. she did not tell me beforehand how nervous she was about attempting this project. but she forged ahead and she did great—i love that spirit.

and i’ve been working on my own rectangle bee. i’m almost done with my first half too.
i took some pictures at sunset to show off the yarn, which i love SO much . . .

the richness of the golden buckwheat honey color has such depth. i’ve enjoyed this yarn immensely for its wonderful stitch definition

all the motifs really pop, even after stretching and blocking—even in photos . . . even in the printed pattern photos, which is pretty difficult to obtain considering my home printing setup.

and my finished triangle shawl, which has been passed around quite a bit by now (you know what a strumpet that one is), has kept its shape SO beautifully; it is as crisp and shapely as when i unpinned it, and the surface has not relaxed back at all, which is common with soft yarns.

beckie and karen (both blogless) came over this afternoon and stayed for several hours. we sat on the long, cool screened porch knitting and spinning. i had originally planned to spin, but i was caught up with my bee knitting. i get a little crazy once i get a decent amount of fabric on the needles. i start to be anxious to see the whole picture.

beckie spun and we got karen on the wheel successfully today for the first time. she had tried just once before but it was an ill-fated evening, so this was her first real chance to focus on it. she did great. she went home with a bobbin of VERY nice singles and i’m pretty sure she’s hooked now (hehehe, maybe i can unload some more of my fiber stash on her—and hands off beckie, i got her first).

i just wish i had taken some snaps. darn me.

i brought in a bundle from the garden this morning too

you don’t even need to tamper with a photo like this—just resize . . . its inner beauty speaks for itself. and of course, we want to gobble it up, so i sent some home with beckie and then turned the rest of that

into THIS

mmmm. is it time to eat yet??

an update

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we have a new look and everything should be loading superfast and crazy now. some pictures might still be missing from old posts, but the front page is styling! thanks to my friends rachel and joseph, who have done so much to clean things up and get it all streamlined.

everyone should be able to view the sidebar now and use the links. the front page has only four posts showing, but now there is a navigation button at the bottom so you can view older posts (i didn’t even know i didn’t have that). and the archives are fully functional, even with just a few posts on this page.

today, terri emailed and told me something that nearly gave me a heart attack. somehow during one of the corrections i made to the bee shawl pattern, the instructions for the swarm section lost the line spacers.
this does not affect the pattern numbers or the correctness of the stitches at all, but it makes page 7 and 8 a little hard to read.
if you find you need replacement pages to get through that section, please use the email link in the sidebar, or go to the errata page for the address to email me, and i will be most happy to send them.

anyone who purchases a pattern after today will already have these corrections and will not need a new pattern.

bee fields KAL

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just a quickie to say that one of our friends, annmarie started a KAL for bee fields. and you can join by going to that site (click on the KAL) and emailing her (see her sidebar). this is a good way to share information and keep up with pattern corrections, etc (there’s only one tiny so far, listed on the new errata page (i’m getting there with all this!).

two are better than one

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now i have two socks at the same point with slightly different pattern placement. the second sock is on the right; you saw the one on the left the other day.

i like them both a LOT, but i think i am going to go with the one on the left, with a few pattern modifications. i think i’ll start the lace pattern just a little higher on the foot, because everyone doesn’t have my size feet.

and i like the ankle area on sock #2, with the staggered patterns; they form a nice point at the ankle because of that.

and i love the back of the heel

with one motif alone trailing up and the the ones on each side coming later.
i stopped knitting sock #2 at a different point in the lace motif and the edge is not nearly as jaggedy-scalloped as sock one was in the last post.

that means i could add a little eyelet rib or something and it wouldn’t buckle in a funny way. it would make a nice ending i think, and he sewn bindoff would work well there.

so, i think i need to write up the pattern i now have in my head and knit a third sock from that.

i don’t have much else for you . . . this arrived today (in pretty bad condition) in my mailbox.

they decided to start using a MUCH thinner and less protective plastic wrapper just now, for their heaviest issue ever??
the issue is ok, and very full, but some of the photo stories make the garment details and stitches really hard to see. between the over-accessorizing and the strange lighting and photo editing, it begins to be a big departure from a knitting magazine.

don’t get me wrong—i have supported this magazine for years through its ups and downs for sure, and i’ve always believed that knitting needs a magazine that is largely about style and trends, as well as magazines that are more practical.
i’m just not a fan of confusion on the page, no matter what the topic, and i wish they would stick to trendy clothes and forget overly trendy photography.

and just one last . . . this, i cannot help. that BAG that pops up in all of their retrospective issues (p 134 in this new one) is really on its last legs and should NOT be resuscitated again. event the model looks pained to be wearing it.

it was sorta cute the very first time they ran it (1989), designed by marc jacobs for perry ellis, in feather-light mohair and shown over tights.
they have re-run it two other times that i can think of, less and less successfully. by now it has been redesigned to the point where it is but a shadow of its original self. the “design” doesn’t belong to anyone anymore and it sorta shows.

the thing is, this is JUST the kind of item that gives knitting a bad name, and is almost sure to disappoint the knitter, either by its weight, or the weight it adds to the body, or by the way it grows.

ok, rant over. i don’t really like to go there anyway. there has just been SO much more brilliance in that magazine over 25 years . . . we should be celebrating THAT.