it’s a James world…

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…and Anne’s just livn’ in it. (flower of the day: kim’s new lightweight sock yarn in her famous tupelo honey colorway. GUESS what kim wants me to design with it?? A 4 pound mushroom?

just swatch me

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in the “everything is new again” department, we have canteloupe. if it doesn’t cook right on the vine (we’re having 90-degree afternoons this week), it could freeze in whatever drastic turn of weather could possible be coming next (and really, it could be anything this year). everything out in the garden has a new crop […]

a time of heeling

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where have the last few days gone? we’ve been having gorgeous fall weather and i think i just sank into it for a bit to knit and enjoy the last days of gardening, putting up produce, and clearing a few small projects off to the pattern stage before the next Big One begins (it starts […]

merlot vine sock

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a swirl of leaves winds from the instep, around the ankle, and up the leg of this toe-up openwork sock. the stitch pattern holds its own with self-striping yarn, or work it in a nearly-solid colorway to make the texture stand out even more. shown here in please visit our shop thank you meg for […]