merlot vine sock

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a swirl of leaves winds from the instep, around the ankle, and up the leg of this toe-up openwork sock. the stitch pattern holds its own with self-striping yarn, or work it in a nearly-solid colorway to make the texture stand out even more.

shown here in twisted fiber arts superwash merino sock yarn, in a custom sock club colorway, similar to talon
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thank you meg for making such a gorgeous colorway!

14 thoughts on “merlot vine sock

  1. My kit arrived just the other day, so I can testify to the beauty of this yarn! I need to move a few other things along the needles, but these will be in rotation shortly afterwards. Thanks!

  2. Score another contribution to your red buttons! (Those are pricey critters, aren’t they?) My pattern purchase and download worked without a hitch–but I noticed you left the price off the first page of the pattern. I actually like to have a price on a pattern that is purchased online, so I won’t forget that it’s not for copying!

  3. Love it! I just started it today, and I have question about the pattern: in row 3 of the chart there is only one YO and 2 decreases. is this correct? should there be another yarn over?

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