socks is sprouting all over the place

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i don’t really have all that much today . . . the weather has been fine, fine, fine (and very dry). i’m picking tomatoes and stuff still (which makes me happy). i have my red sweater for knitting at night, while i hang out with david (i finished one sleeve and started another . . […]

yarn 4 socks club kit correction

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by now a number of yarn 4 socks club participants have received their merlot vine sock kits. in preparing the pattern to be released in my own shop, i discovered a confusing bit at the end of the heel section (page 2), where you will set up for the leg. i have posted a rewrite […]

say cheese

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i am frantically trying to cook and eat as many foods fresh from the garden as possible . . we had a scare of frost over the weekend with some temps pretty close to freezing. it’s warmed up again now, but still . . . when i was watering yesterday morning i kinda misted up […]

i’m thrilled . . . so far

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i didn’t do any swatching with the eggplant yarn this weekend the way i’d planned. i have an idea that i’d really like to run with for that yarn, but i need to do a bit of research first. unfortunately, the research is not going so well . . . there isn’t much info on […]