ya know it don’t come easy

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(flower of the day: impatiens. ok, so no flowers but check out those buds) mom has an awesome green thumb—more on the sock below. oh we had it all planned out—it would be so easy once the old laptop was updated and streamlined. i’d be able to login just like at home, write posts, check […]

no moss on this stone

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and for all of YOU a beautiful lily photo that i’ve been keeping for a special occasion. thanks so much for the crazy-amazing emails and enthusiasm for valkyrie alright. how much do you think i want to sleep with this yarn?? the plum, the black cherry, the deep rust, the gray, the eggplant . . […]


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Thraven (from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts to purchase pattern or view pattern information, please check out the listing in our vanessa, whose speed and experience (and enthusiasm!) make all the paper become real. vicki (also blogless) joined us from australia which was so cool because she knit whilst we slept and found all the […]

nothing like something new . . .

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i’ve been starting new projects all weekend. sort of a kneejerk reaction to the project monogamy of the last week, maybe, or to the large amount of paperwork i have also processed over the last few days. i think i have five new projects on the needles in fact, though two of them are not […]